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A very good study! The information provided is excellent. However, it would be good if the number of treatments is increased to test for variability. Again, good job!
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Couldn't have been stated any better! An insightful piece!
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Immune stimulation in aquaculture was a subject on the board when I joined Phileo some years ago. One of my first tasks was to assess the products we had available in the group as immune stimulants in aquaculture species.Immune stimulation in aquaculture is a confused fieldNot being an immunologist by training, but having some knowledge in the field of immune stimulation in aquaculture, I then emb ...
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phytogenics are promising. the more accurate distillation of extracts like phenoles, trepanoids and saponins the most stimulation you can get. oregano thyme junipar...are source for CARVACROL. THYMOL, LINALOO, PENIN, CENEOL....
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A phytobiotic was able to reduce Vibrio counts in intestine and hepatopancreas leading to an increase in survival and better health.Shrimp farming is growing very fast in recent years, due to the high profit margins which present a good opportunity for those with interest in this sector. In Asia the production of Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) was more than 3 million tonnes in 20 ...
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