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M.Sc in Zoology, Ph.D
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M.Sc in Zoology, Ph.D
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Thanks Dr. Behera for providing such a beautiful presentation. What I feel Bile Acid is very important but the role of Bile acid in nutrition perhaps is not a sole determining factor.
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Dear Dr.Christian Lückstädt , Thank you for your kind reply on the trial with KDF conducted on common carp. In fact majority of the fresh water aqua farmers in West Bengal, India, uses farm made feed (De-oiled Rice Bran(DOB),Ground nut oil cake,Soya powder,Maize powder,Vitamin(Vetos) and mineral mixures,salt etc.mixed at their appropriate proportions) for growth of Catla catla, Labeo rohita and C ...
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Outstanding report on Tilapia culture through BFT system. Thank you.
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Dr. Christian presented a valuable information on KDF. 4%KDF in feed treatment showed an encouraging result on Tilapia, o.k. fine. In a country like India where IMC is of top most choice, whether we can expect the same result?Regards.
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In case, if there is much tilapia fry is observed in a pond please refer to my book published by M/s Duron Agro Industries, wherein my practical experience on removing Tilapia which are competing with other valuable fishes belonging to carp families are written. Please contact Mr. Sekhar Kumar Karmakar, Managing partner of Duron Agro Industries, Kolkata,West Bengal,India. My experience is, without ...
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Yes.myself is interested, to what extent the use of organic acid in supplementary feed has to be mixed and and after feeding for a month or so @3-4% per day , how much enhancement of growth is expected in fresh water carps.
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The efficacy of Bacillus probiotics in disease prevention and increasing yields.Bangladesh has about 5 million ha of inland water resources such as rivers, estuaries, natural and manmade reservoirs, ponds and floodplains. The major species cultured are Indian and Chinese carps, tilapia and pangasius. However, in recent years, tilapia production has increased and expanded faster than carps and pang ...
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Duck weed , Eichornia etc. all these types of aquatic floating weeds may be a good source of protein but fact remains they are good absorbers of heavy metals of various types too. Inclusion of these in aqua feed as ingredients needs verification. Dr.Biplab kumar Banerjee
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Thanks for the paper. In fact majority of the fin fish farmers in West Bengal do not favor the inclusion of any protein from animal origin like fish meal,fish oil etc. Inclusion of algae as a source of protein and fat will certainly encourage them and at last rightly been commented: " supplies increase and costs decrease, algal biomass and biomass extracts will continue to occupy niche markets wit ...
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Yes, of course. Most of the hatchery owners of Naihati and Burdwan are to be educated in in Pacu breeding. It is true that only three hatchery owners could successfully produce pacu seeds. Biplab Kr.Banerjee
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