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Master of Nutrition
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Master of Nutrition
Discussion created on March 12, 2022
Discussion created on May 3, 2017
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Discussion created on February 21, 2017
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Project FISH-DIVA,Maggot – Bioconversion Research Program in Indonesia Concept of New Food Resources, Results and Applications, 2005-2011, Final Report' Saurin HEM, November 2011,Centre for Aquaculture Research and Development Research Institute for Ornamental Fish Also: Valorization of Palm Kernel Meal (PKM), a by-product from palm oil agro industry, via Bioconversion: a natural process of parti ...
Discussion created on June 10, 2016
Participation in Forum on May 23, 2016
Dear Mr. christian I was given potassium diformate by Novindo in Jakarta for a try at catfish. Could you kindly give me the details and dosage for catfish (pangasianodon hypophthalmus). Trims. Ediwarman
Discussion created on April 10, 2016
Participation in Forum on September 14, 2015
Dear Mr. Mahmud. Is actually not hard to do cultivation BSFL, very simple but if you do not know how it was hard. Dad can discussion with my friend in Malaysia, he has a business in the field of BSFL His name is Mr. "Stepen" telephone number +65 9179 9463. you try to contact him, you can tell him from my phone number. Thank you Ediwarman.
Participation in Forum on September 3, 2015
Dear Mr. Luckstadt I've tried to contact ...., but has not responded until now. ask your help for me. My email: Thank you
Participation in Forum on August 28, 2015
OK. I've been in contact ..., hopefully they can help me. Thank you Ediwarman.
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