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Yes, live BSF have be feed to fish and poultry. Though if published observations exist, I do not know. Logistics of having live larvae to feed is problematic. The larvae moisture content dilutes nutrient concentration. In chicken feeding, one producer used cotton ginning waste and meat processing scraps as a substrate then fed chickens on the combined BSF culture. That method did not allow BS ...
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Sir, I am doing catfish farming in three acres with 150000 fingerlings. How can farm BSF larvae from chicken manure for the whole fish farm to feed enough them and kindly send me the whole procedures in detail.My mail id is
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Aquaculture accompanies several disease problems caused by different microbial pathogens which are common evident in general culture practice. High stocking densities, over feeding and other organic loads stimulate the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms. Bacteria, virus, fungus and protozoan parasites are the important microorganisms to cause diseases in fish culture. Disease outbreaks con ...
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What is the measurement of blood meal for 1000 fishes?
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