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Uchechukwu Enyidi
Production of feed and fish feed. Feed development and research. Fish breeding and aquaculture services. Researches on fish nutrition and ingredient utilization by fish.Replacement of fish meal with
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Dear Dr. Enyidi, organic acids, if used at proper dosages, are known to improve protein and mineral (e.g. Ca and P) digestion. Furthermore, they work in synergy with, for instance, phytase. As such they can be supportive to exogenously given enzymes.
Participation in Forum on February 5, 2018
Does organic acid have similar effects as exogenous enzymes?
Participation in Forum on November 20, 2014
Natural feed supplement i cesrtainly good for PL shrimp. The would aid in digestion and enhance assimilation.Remarkedly higher growth results from use of natural feed supplement.
Participation in Forum on March 4, 2013
Thanks for your article about the effect of Dietary Sodium Diformate on the Growth Performance of Male Nile Tilapia. I would like to to know if this result and effect can be attributable to both adult and juvenile tilapia. I will try the supplements soon on some tropical species. I have developed some special feeds for some tropical species and would like to see if this can alter results. I am a f ...
Participation in Forum on December 15, 2009
The American aquaculture and EU aquaculture is growing for obvious reasons. There is awareness and people are willing to invest in findings. Nigeria has so many people in the industry and yet very poor production per person. The high production rate Nigeria records is much as a result of gross production than per farm. There is over dependence on the research centers. Most of the research centers ...
Participation in Forum on November 24, 2009
The future of aquaculture depends upon reduction in utilization of fish meal and reduction of pressure on forage fisheries. Aquaculture is growing rapidly and this growth cannot be sustained without incorporation of adequate amount of plant protein as substitutes of fish meal. Fish meal utilization has very good growth implications but recent researches have shown that it is not as important. It h ...
Participation in Forum on May 15, 2009
More vegetable inputs will be involved in production of fish feed. The depletion of wild catch and production of fish meal is a red signal to the future of aquaculture. There is going to be a higher percentage utilization of plant based additives, as long as the omega 3 is taken care of. There is however a limit to the extent fish meal can be replaced for the health sake of the consumers. I am pre ...
Participation in Forum on May 12, 2009
Soybeans is a very good source of plant protein. However there are other sources that should be encouraged too. Many tropical crops are neglected and have great aquacultural importance.
Participation in Forum on May 7, 2009
This is good. Plant based diets certainly would curtail the TEQ of dioxin and dioxinlike PCBs in fish. There is a great future for plant based diet in replacing fish meal at least to certain levels. The only problem is the reduced Omega 3 fatty acids. However the phosphorus problem is not going to major issue is mordern aquaculture goes the way of water recirculation farming system. However there ...
Participation in Forum on April 18, 2009
This sounds good for use in aquaculture of certain sp. However it's like the writer stated, it was used for catfish. It will be good to know the proximate composition of the distiller's grain and the fiber content. However I think it might be better for tilapia and carp than for high protein demanding fish. In any case, things like this needs futher research to prove their efficacy as feed additiv ...
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