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I am thinking can this help African catfish grow better
Participation in Forum on June 9, 2022
Very ambitious program I will check out
Participation in Forum on January 11, 2021
whats is UHP ?
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Hi BarryI'm glad you found value in the article. As mentioned in the article. A new wave of higher quality marine cultivated tilapia distinguished through branding simultaneously scooping-up top honors by seafood sustainability movements (RAS, BFT, IMTA etc) will be key to a new growth phase for tilapia aquaculture.We all need to stay the course!!!Best,Ray Kourie
Participation in Forum on June 14, 2017
I need the probiotics in nigeria
Participation in Forum on October 28, 2016
How can we try this in Africa
Participation in Forum on April 21, 2015
if it is flow thru system what is frequenvy of applicstion
Participation in Forum on August 21, 2013
hi please i need this organic acid for distribution in nigeria, we are catfish consultancy coy since 2009. i need this increase my clients profits. may i also ask if the diformates works for catfish.
Participation in Forum on April 19, 2012
equry from Nigeria to where or reach me on with details on 5tons per hr capacity
Participation in Forum on November 10, 2011
Good article about AQUAVIANCE to improve growth performance for Pangasius catfish. Can the same be said for african catfish? If so, how do I get to buy it in Nigeria?
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