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in fish regulation of dissolve oxygen in pond water using any chemicals is not so good in all cases. rather it should be regulated biologically or if urgent mechanically.if the culture system is extensive or improve extensive then maintain of plankton base in a sustainable limit and limiting the anaerobic microbes and and other micro and macro organisms which utilize oxygen for respiration. it al ...
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Tilapia culture in floating net cage is now a common practice all around the world. but Silver carp with Tilapia in net cage is a bit difficult as because Phytoplankton is essential for proper growth of silver carp. if it will be rared in a cage with floating feed then what will be the feed competition among the two different species. I think It should be trial more. Md. Zahangir Alom Assistant D ...
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yes it a good job about Water Hyacinth on Nile Tilapia. but it should have the study on the effect on the proximate composition of the muscle. is their any residue remain in the flesh due to fed on water hyacinth from polluted sources.
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KMn04 can release quick oxigen to the pond water, and it also usefull for disinfacte some microbial diseases in fish pond. 2 ppm is seems to me effective in controlling the ectoparasite and sudden oxigen deplation.
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