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Dear Dr. Ingrid Lupatsch, given that your data is pretty much a full description of the experimental evidence thus far,it may be an idea the break down the cell walls of these algae using ultrasonics as this kills the algal specie by actually breaking down the cell walls which thus kill the algal species targeted. I am aware that not all algal species have cell walls that will break down with ultr ...
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It is not so surprising that switching fish from a natural diet to an artificial manufactured diet causes digestive problems which have yet to be resolved. Its gut microbial condition is normally balanced by its natural diet.
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Fish meal can be successfully reduced in whiteleg shrimp feed by supplementing with as much natural food as possible, this can be grown on site and if stocking densities are managed well they will require no additional food at all. One needs to understand the ecological food chain that shrimp would normally have free access to in the wild.This way you are only subject to your own knowledge and not ...
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I watch for 40 years how well the aquaculture industry manages to generate its own issues without solving the problems. it manages to make money but the problems change as times goes by. It would appear that this changing environment is always chasing its own tail until the next problem arises. The false presumption that all fish species are domesticated because they are kept together and farmed, ...
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Dear Kumar Katya, you must remember that the aquaculture food production industry and the pharma supplies all need to make money by selling their products. Some argue that it is in fact the fish feed industry that is pushing aquaculture's intensification for its own ends. While generating a natural food chain would exclude this industry totally, it depends who is paying your bills, as to whom you ...
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Hi Suresh, salt water salinity can range from 34-36 as an average. The point I am trying to make is that if you were well in good health you would not need any medication.Shrimp production under conventional rearing conditions does experience these disease outbreaks. It is necessary to ask yourself whether or not a change in the way shrimp are farmed would not make a difference. It has much more t ...
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Your shrimps are sick because they are in the wrong environment, you need to change the environment and then the shrimps will not need medication.Please describe the environment so that I have some idea what may be the cause, changing the health of your shrimps will improve production.
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