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Introduction Penzlin (1977) cited that blood constituents of fish are variable than those of the terrestrial animals. Abdelhamid (1991) argumenta for the variation between fish and terrestrial animals to the huge number of fish species (ca. 25.000) and strains (40.000) in comparison with the mammalian species (ca. 4.500). Additionally, Abdelhamid (2009) cited that fish are variable in their m ...
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Introduction:The aquaculture industry is rapidly growing and is now considered a major contributor in the global food production. To meet the global demand, aquaculture production practices have been intensified to a greater extent both in technological and practical measures. Aquaculture generates considerable amount of wastes, consisting of metabolic by-products, residual food, fecal matters and ...
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Hello Denis Sinking and floating feed on a extruder depends mainly on the process parameters you are running. Expansion on the feed depends on the temperature and pressure at the die. The higher the temperature and pressure at the die the more expansion. For a shrimp feed for example you want to be below 100 degr. C at the die and therefore the product will not expand due to the fact that the wate ...
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IntroductionCommercial egg production is associated with various stresses decreasing productive and reproductive performance of layers. It is proven that most of stresses in poultry production (technological: chick placement, vaccinations and transfer to breeder houses; environmental: heat stress, high ammonia, etc.; nutritional: mycotoxins, misbalances of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.; or ...
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1. Hot summer limit the oxygen dissolved in the water even you add more paddle wheels it will not work effective as partial covering by orchis mesh - farmers has started partial cover of the ponds in the hot season instead of adding more paddle wheels.2. After big raining the algae collapsed that resulted in exhausted DO in the bottom and favorable pathogen bacteria bloom plus stressful from pH, s ...
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IMTA has arisen from the control of nutrients from sea farm fish cages to mitigate pollution I would rather my seaweed was grow in pristine waters well away from polling fish farms. I have some idea that seaweeds will take up more than just nutrients from polluted waters but other elements of fish farm pollution that are present. I would like to see papers on this subject matter for better clarifi ...
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 Seaweed cultivation is well established in Asia and needs little explanation/justification. In the western world, a renewed interest in seaweed mariculture has been triggered by their cultivation in integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) systems, the emerging understanding of the ecosystem services they provide (e.g. nutrient biomitigation, irrigation-less and deforestation-less food pr ...
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Álvaro Rodríguez, Manager Director for Aquaculture for Liptosa, talks about the company's participation at Eurotier 2016 and the line of products they offer to the Aquaculture market.
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Extrusion is very effective for this purpose. Our company produce quality equipment. We make sales in more than 40 countries. We kindly ask you to see our web-page
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