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Udupi, Karnataka, India

Product Description

Each ml contains:
Butaphosphan: 100mg
Methylcobalamin: 100mcg

Jaivifos may be used for cattle, horse, sheep, goat, camel, pig, dog, cat, poultry and zoo animals for stimulating metabolism.

Dosage and administration:
Jaivifos may be administered Intravenously, Intramuscularly, or Subcutaneously as per the dosage for all animals mentioned below:

Cattle, Horses, and Camel - 10 – 25ml
Sheep and Goat - 2.5 – 8 ml
Pig - 2.5 – 10ml
Dog - 0.5 – 5ml
Cat - 0.5 – 2.5ml

In poultry dissolve Jaivifos™ in drinking water and give at a dose of .05 – 2.5ml in Layers and Broilers and repeat after 4-5 day.
Dosage for zoo animals depending on body mass or as directed by veterinarian.
In other target animals, the treatment is given daily till recovery or as directed by the veterinarian.

Presentation :
30 ml
100 ml

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Marketing in utter pradash available
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Dose mentioned for poultry is for how many birds?
That is in per liter of drinking water
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