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HDPE Cow nets

HDPE Cow nets
HDPE Cow nets
HDPE Cow nets
HDPE Cow nets
HDPE Cow nets
HDPE Cow nets
INR 500 00
Product location

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Product Description

A revolutionary item that keeps you and your animals safe from the mosquitoes and all the dangerous diseases caused by them.

Perfect Coverage: A full-size net that allows perfect coverage to your animal with a height of 10ft.
Quality of Net: The fabric is light and airy that allows the air passage and doesn’t cause suffocation in any season.
Portable Product: This HDPE Mosquito net can be easily folded and carried away to any place you go. This means that you don’t have to deal with the mosquito bites while traveling to someplace and can enjoy a good night’s sleep with it.
Good Quality Material: This Mosquito Net is not stiff or hard like the other regular nets. It is made of HDPE virgin material which doesn’t slip and can be neatly folded.
Easy to Install: It doesn’t get dirty, and it is very easy to maintain and install.
Durability: Very durable net and will last minimum 2-5 years as per care.

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