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Five Common Issues During Brooding

Published: August 10, 2017
The brooding period is important to getting chicks off to a good start and influences flock performance. Depending on the market weight, the brooding period represents as much as 1/3 of the grow-out period. The chick is still developing and will grow rapidly during this period. The objective is to minimize stress on the chick so that the majority of the energy is directed towards growth and devel...
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Dr. Brian D. Fairchild
University of Georgia
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Sushil Chandra
3 de septiembre de 2017
Use of good toxin binder like Mos is advocated in feed From day one Medicated lukewarm water is recommended On arrival chicks and medicated water at room Temp is neede up 7 days all the time U also need have required brooder temp as per Standard and proper ventilation Good bio security and clean and hygiene Is always helpful Avoid using contaminated feed raw material Regards Dr s chandra
13 de octubre de 2017
An interesting topic in Broiler production and management. My question is related to the Broiler House Brooding Example (Fig. 1): How do we manage increased activity in such a large house to avoid or reduce stress? I like to have responses on my mail at: lfvibadan@yahoo.com Thank you!
Muhammad Imran Minhad
17 de octubre de 2017
Hakeem IBRAHIM Dear bro ubrahim Hope u r doing well.as far as brooding in whole house is concerned i think this one is not good and practical idea specially in winter season. As we have to maintain brooding temperature without too much fluctuation second thing in early ages we have to reduce birds mobility and for that almost 30/35 percent of house is good idea for brooding and then continuously increase brooding area on daily basis or on alternative day.we have to give our flock a good start without any stress factor.Simple is ,remember 1METER rule.so all birds should have access to feed and water within one meter.supplementary drinkers should be fill before artival of chicks so that temperature in the manual drinkers and nipple line should be at optimum temperature.bright light and increased feed exposure on papers can stimulate chicks to early feeding that can directly correlated with later chicks performance,stimulation of immune system,digestive system and other benefits. Further house temperature and specially litter temperature has its own importance to give good start without any chilling effect. Ventilation is also the important factor for good start as we offered all feed ,water space and rest all thing in good range but temperature is not optimum so all things are useless.birds will not intend to dink water or consume feed and u have to oay a lot later by facing health issues and to achieve targets. Hope these things will be useful for u Regards MINHAS
vidya sagar
13 de octubre de 2017

Dear Ibrahim,

To reduce stress on the birds.please don't give much space per bird because they may lose energy. Provide sufficient feeders and water or nipples per bird. Otherwise, there will be competition in feeding and watering causes variation in body weight and leads to poor performance. Subclinical diseases are also worst robbers of performance. Correct placement of drinkers is close to the feeders, but not so close as to cause feed spoilage. Keep birds comfortable (cross ventilation and temperature) to reduce stress on the bird.

David S. O. K. Quartey
8 de enero de 2018
Let us not lose sight of diseases that occur in the brooder house through the type of litter, its source and management.
Flourish Tamunoibim farm
13 de enero de 2018

Dr, For me I like using multivitamin on the first day and antibiotic on the second day, 3rd day I add coccidis to their feed. Please, is this a good practice? I got 5.5kg at 12wks

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