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Anjum Khalique Right! Heat stress or effects are not common in all ventilation control sealed houses or shed. Thank you!
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Joe Stanyer Please, note that, end product of oil metabolism is carbohydrates. Metabolic heat is also produced during digestion of oil. Thanks
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Hakeem IBRAHIM Dear bro ubrahim Hope u r doing far as brooding in whole house is concerned i think this one is not good and practical idea specially in winter season. As we have to maintain brooding temperature without too much fluctuation second thing in early ages we have to reduce birds mobility and for that almost 30/35 percent of house is good idea for brooding and then continuously ...
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OLAYINKA AYANYEMI thanks for your contributions. The hot season happens to be a seriously problematic and mortality season in Nigeria. At my end, we try also to reduce the build up of the DEEP BODY TEMPERATURE (DBT) inside the shed. This is in addition to ventilation control mechanisms already in place inside each shed. Yet, the heat stress is noticed during PM exerrmination. Thanks.
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An interesting topic in Broiler production and management. My question is related to the Broiler House Brooding Example (Fig. 1): How do we manage increased activity in such a large house to avoid or reduce stress? I like to have responses on my mail at: Thank you!
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