Choline chloride in Poultry

Forum: Choline chloride: An Indispensable Performance Promoter in Poultry

Published on: 09/30/2006
Author/s : Dr. Vivek Bharadwaj - JUBILANT ORGANOSYS LTD.
Choline- chemically known as 2-hydroxyethyl-trimethyl ammonium hydroxide andis referred as vitamin B4. It has recently been claimed as a rediscovered vitamin & performance promoter in poultry. The role of choline in the prevention of conditions suchas perosis and liver enlargement in chicks is already well known. Choline wasfirst isolated from ox bile ("chole" in Greek) in 1849. Its nutritional im...
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Vssprasad Karuturi Vssprasad Karuturi
Poultry farmer
September 30, 2006

Educative article about Choline chloride in Poultry. Practicable.

October 2, 2006

Highly informative article about Choline chloride in Poultry. Well done.

Fafiolu Adeboye Olusesan Fafiolu Adeboye Olusesan
Teaching and research
October 3, 2006

This is good article about Choline chloride in Poultry. Please I am intrested in some sample for test.

Fafiolu, A.O.
Department of Animal Nutrition
University of Agriculture
Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria

saeed shoja heydari saeed shoja heydari
Veterinary Doctor
August 5, 2007

How much is total count on choline chloride corn-cob?

supriyati kompiang supriyati kompiang
January 7, 2008
Please send me some informations in using its for milk production in ruminant?
Can I have free sample for feeding trial?
Thank you.

S. Kompiang
Indonesian Research Institute for Animal Production
January 21, 2008

Dear friends, I search about the probiotic production process. Do you know anything about it?

May 22, 2008

Educative article about Choline chloride in Poultry! Keep updating your informations.

Anthonia Joseph
Bio - Organics Nut. Syst. Ltd.
Lagos - Nigeria.

Hafiz Imran Shakoor Hafiz Imran Shakoor
Animal Nutritionist
June 11, 2010
Informative and practical article for persons involved in quality control of feed ingredients and finished feeds.
Tariq Mushtaq Tariq Mushtaq
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
January 3, 2013

What is advantages of silica based Choline chloride over corn cob based CC?
One of the main problem of Reinecke salt method is standardization. Any other method which analyse choline part of CC? What's about confirmation through HPLC based tests?

Sergio Velez Sergio Velez
Animal Nutritionist
January 15, 2013

For Dr.Kompiang:

Choline Chloride is worthless for ruminants: it is 100% degraded in the rumen and half life is of only minutes. Ruminants DO respond to choline but not in the chloride form used for monogastrics.

Dr. K. M. Ehasanul Islam Dr. K. M. Ehasanul Islam
DVM, MS(Theriogenology)
March 10, 2013
Thank you for this type of learning topics.
Tariq Mushtaq Tariq Mushtaq
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
March 11, 2013

@ Dr. Kompiang
Rumen protect choline chloride is now available. Very good to control body fat metabolism especially when animal is in negative energy balance. Reduces the chances of ketosis when used in combination with rumen protected niacin.

February 16, 2021

Tariq Mushtaq
Can you please send information on the equivalence for CC vs Betain? Thanks

Md. Abdullah Ansari Md. Abdullah Ansari
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
September 28, 2014
How Betaine can replace choline in layer feed formulation?
Tariq Mushtaq Tariq Mushtaq
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
September 30, 2014
In general 400g of Betaine HCl = 1000g CC60% based on molecular equivalence and bioavailability with additional benefit of osmo-regulation. I can send you detailed info and some articles by email. Please send me your email.
April 29, 2018
Tariq Mushtaq please send me related articles.
Ibrahim El Idrissi Ibrahim El Idrissi
Animal Nutritionist
October 26, 2019
Tariq Mushtaq
Dear Tariq
Could you send articles related to Betaine molecular equivalence and bioavailability. Here you have my email:
Thank you for helping.
So long Ibrahim
dr.tanveer dr.tanveer
July 12, 2015

Nice work, sir.

June 4, 2017
Can you please explain the difference between corn cob based CC and silica based CC. What is worth to use for poultry in the tropics?
Dr Pooja Bhardwaj Dr Pooja Bhardwaj
M.V.Sc (Pharmacology & Toxicology)
June 29, 2017
Nice Article!!!
April 29, 2018
How much choline is choline chloride (60%)?
October 12, 2020
approximately 52%
November 15, 2018

What should be the ideal cc colour ideally and if colour changes, what is the risk factor?

October 16, 2019

What analysis could be done to check the quality of Choline chloride? Is there an analysis to check the percentage of choline chloride itself?

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