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Vaccines for Marek's disease

Forum: Cause of vaccination failure against Marek's disease

Dear poultry scientists, I would like to start with the new subject regarding possible vaccination failure in MD prophylaxis. From my actual experience nowadays in spite of frequent use of bivalent vaccines against MD (Rispens+HVT) or (SB1+HVT) the MDV strains with raised virulence are isolated from field cases of the disease. I know in some cases this may be due to the low hygiene conditions in farms. However I also consider in some cases farmers apply double vaccination with bivalent vaccines at the 1st and 7th day of chickens life. From my own study I found that in such cases I commonly detect DNA of virulent MDV strain and HVT strain but not Rispens in spite of proper vaccination of chickens. Therefore I am curious about your experience and explanations of this problem. Please fell free to add comments. Thank you.

Grzegorz Wozniakowski
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
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June 24, 2020
Agree with Surindet
Dr. Mohammad Akram Dr. Mohammad Akram
Consultant Microbiologist
June 24, 2020
Dear Dr. Kashif,

There are many causes of failure of MD Vaccination.
Improper storage of cell associated vaccine in liquid nitrogen ( Tepm. -196 degree C) is one of them.

No doubt MD is a horizontally transmitted disease, but because vaccination is always done in DOC in the hatchery, this is why the commercial farmers mostly concentrating on this part.

The 2nd most important part is the proper cleaning & disinfection of rearing area required to get immunity from vaccine particularly during 1st 2 weeks. I & other writers has already explained this part in details.

Dr. M. Akram, Ph.D.
June 24, 2020
Sir proper handling and inoculation required great attention
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
June 24, 2020
Marek disease vaccination should be brought into practice either in 18 th day to the embryos or else in the very first week after coming out of hatcheries and of course after pursuing all safety protocols prior vaccinating the flock. Commercialy the task is carried out through fine sprayer to enable fine droplets of live attenuated vaccines gain access through nostrils of chicks running on a conveyor.
Any mis executions in above step may bring the task to be an abortive and that invite stress to precipitate infection in subsequent phases as highlighted now. It should be certain that the live attenuated virus should ensures it's process of attenuation or else same may act like a pathogen with full virulence only during application.
Dr. R. P. Chakraborty
June 25, 2020

NEW VACCINE against Marek's disease may solve the problem. Prevexxion RN vaccine for Mareck's Disease optimises safety and efficacy.

July 11, 2020

The dose is fixed by the manufacturer. no point in doubling it.
Slips in vaccination is a problem associated with large flock size and hurrying man power. repeating the vaccination will be better.

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