-veterinaire prive depuis 1992 -labovet /CHIFFA/W.BLIDA a 50Km d' ALGER - bacteriologie ,serologie (ARL - ELISA -IHA ),PCR en temps reel
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Hi, Dr. Terzolo,I have vaccinated by drinking water have solicited cellular and humoral immunity for cellular immunity there will be for some time an innate response added to competitive exclusion and secretory igA the bacteria disappears from the intestine and immunity local also disappear how intestinal excretion disappear? local and temporary immunity if it is effective there is no mucosal memo ...
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Of laying hens 80000 -mortalite 80 subject per day -Incontinuous empty of food, crop lacerated and filled with a greenish black liquid, empty proventricle, brownish irritated gesier with adherence of the cuticle, some hens have a greenish black roughness coming out of the mouth excessive production of ACID by the proventricle
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Good article, Dr. Morrow.What do you think of vaccination in an infected environment? Thank you.
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Rob Musser (Nutriquest) explained costs and formulations when including DDGS in diets, during the 22nd Annual Distillers Grains Symposium in Des Moines, Iowa.
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The vaccination of broilers with an inactivated vaccine is not very effective because of the very high maternal antibodies it is exact but a vaccination with an inactivated vaccine will not produce local IGA AC except MR AVNER FINGER if you can prove to me that scientifically it would be beneficial for me and I will no longer use live vaccines for other diseases (NDV-IB-IBD ect) thank you
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rectification : vaccination either by a HETEROLOGOUS vaccination or nessisite a HOMOLOGOUS variant vaccine thank you
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I totally agree with DR Hossam Seddeek for me it was always an interaction with first intention bronchitis and a month degree with mycoplasma the real problem is that bi variants have to know that type of variant is in the integration to direct vaccination either by a heterologous vaccination or nessesite a variant variant vaccine do a good nebulization (nozzles; check the pressure ect) and do ELI ...
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Thank you, Dr. Wael Natsheh.I want to know how an inactive product tracheal and intestinal iga is what you have a link or a publication that demonstrates this scientificallyif this is the case will have will not need for other diseases to use nebulization example during bronchitis will only use to inactivate it.Thank you.
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Thanks for your answer but have seen in many countries uses new genotype h9N2 like Korea.for my second question I want to say how an inactive vaccine that is made to induce IgG production could produce IGA antibodies to the tracheal mucosa that will protect us from H9N2 in the trachealthank you
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My fraternal salutations Dr. Husam BakriI have two interrogations. Don't you think that much of the recrudescence of h9n2 will be genetic derivatives have always used a strain h9 / UAE / 99 whereas in countries is a genotype different from h9n2 I also want to try scientifically to understand how an inactive h9N2 vaccine can give us mucous immunity in sufficient trachea. Thank you.
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