Rudolf Hein
Consultant Micobiologist/Molecular Vaccine Technology
Project leader RD Virology /Director Scientific Affairs and Services Poultry and Aqua at Intervet Int.US, Intervet/Schering Plough
Consultant Micobiologist/Molecular Vaccine Technology
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Karel A Schat yes manuscript has been submitted
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Regarding recombinant vector CIAV vaccine construction rHVT to be used as a hatchery vaccination , no success yet, inserts expression cassettes VPs , no in vivo expression.Investigation using the CRISPR/Cas9 tool may be a possible solution to generate in the future rHVT/CIAV.
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Very useful, excellent
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Based on comment of burning feathers to reduce spread of MDV may be of any help but in addition the chicken "dander "(chicken dust) epidermal scales frm skin material and feather follicles showed to be a very important factor in the spread/transmission of MDV . The MDV is very stable over long period of time in chicken dander. Re question of broiler vaccination : in US basically all broilers are ...
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Several of the possible causes of the MDV failures have been put forward.I would like to add some comments re possible failures. In several cases the Marek's disease vaccines are simulteneously applied with other vaccines ,one has to make sure that these vaccines do not interfer with the MD vaccine (only use these vaccines as recommended by the vaccine manufactory),in addition in most ca ...
Article published the September 16, 2011
Summary Over the last decennia different recombinant viral vector vaccines for poultry have been introduced in several countries. The first vaccines were all based on the Fowl pox(FP) virus  used as the vector (e.g. the avian influenza (AI) recombinant (r) FP/H5, NewcastleDisease (ND) rFP/ND, infectiouslaryngotrachetis (ILT) rFP/ILT vaccines. The most recent ("second generation") viral vect ...
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