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Dr. Mike Czarick that is correct. In this case you need a light phase period during the night. But it must not cover the whole night. Werner
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Dr. Mike Czarick it depends what you intend to achieve. If the objective is to alllow the development of a cicadian rhythm 4 hours are sufficient. The objective to provide 6 or 8 hours continuous rest may not be accepted by all birds. It has been shown that feed intake of broilers increases during long dark periods. This may not be the case if the birds have enough time to increase feed intake be ...
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INTRODUCTIONBroilers and turkeys are traditionally kept under monotonous environmental conditions, which compromise bird welfare due to inactivity, restriction of the behavioural repertoire and various health hazards. Recent development of welfare labels request enrichment devices in order to stimulate the expression of a wide spectrum of behaviours and to improve the physical and psychic con ...
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Dr. Mike Czarick If the dark period exceeds 4 hours the birds are getting very excited at light on and crowd in front of the feeders. This bears the risk of deep scratches on the back. Splitting the dark periods in two phases may be better in this respect. Werner
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IntroductionThere exist a general antagonism between growth rate and reproduction in domestic animals. Breeds selected for high growth rate allocate nutrients preferably in body mass development. This has detrimental effects egg production, fertility and livability. Therefore it is necessary to control the development of body weight development of broiler breeders through reduced feed intake. The ...
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I do not fully agree that "it is ALL about air speed". I think you should also consider the temparature underneath the litter surface. When keeping the birds at high stocking density ventilation above the birds may not be effective in removing the heat developed by microbial acitivty in the litter (see Reiter and Bessei, 2000; loc. cit Bessei W, 2006. Welfare of broilers: a review. Worlds Poultry ...
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