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S.m. Ekramul Huque
BSc (hons),MS in Fisheries
Poultry and Fish Feed Formulation and Production Expart
BSc (hons),MS in Fisheries
Discussion created on October 10, 2020
I have a dairy farm, I need to know the feed specification for milking cows, pregnant cows and calves with its feeding management. Does it have any extra benefits using rice screening in milking cows rations? S.M. Ekramul Huque Bangladesh
Participation in Forum on November 14, 2018
Will it not make coccidia outbreak and fall the cloak in risk in broiler chicken where our target is 1.8kg within 30 days with FCR 1.4 in Bangladesh?
Participation in Forum on April 16, 2018
Does the proteonate form of zinc can be absorbed 4times than zinc oxide in broiler?
Participation in Forum on October 20, 2012
Dear Mr. Gimeno, Thank u very much for your valuable informative article about Mycotoxicosis problems in Broiler Breeders. Like Mr Abdulcader I also want know the maximum tolerable range of different type of toxins in different poultry feed. I will be very pleased receiving that informations. S.M. Ekramul Huque From Bangladesh Email:
Participation in Forum on July 7, 2011
All The above specification must be dependable on the price of avail able Raw materials , price of beef meat , and management cost in respective region to make the TMR effective for the farmers profitability.
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June 8, 2011
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