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feeding management of dairy cattle

Forum: Feeding management

Published: January 1, 1900
By: S.m. Ekramul Huque

I have a dairy farm, I need to know the feed specification for milking cows, pregnant cows and calves with its feeding management. Does it have any extra benefits using rice screening in milking cows rations?

S.M. Ekramul Huque Bangladesh

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S.m. Ekramul Huque
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Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan
23 de diciembre de 2011

Dear Ekramul haque
You r wellcomed You have asked many questions in one question. There are different requirements for milking cows,pregnant cows and cows besides primary feed. Every section needs lengthy answer therefore i will recommend you to contact some reliable animal nutritionist in your vicinity. after animal selection feeding management is the most important knowledge which can make you or break you therefore i will suggest you to connect some nutritionest with you. last part of your question regarding use of rice screening my experience is in favor of using it for increasing milk production

10 de octubre de 2020
Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan Can we feed rice bran to female buffalo? Is there any side effect in feeding rice bran to our buffalo?Thanks you so much.
Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan
10 de octubre de 2020
ko Rice bran can be used without any side effect but its quantity should not be more than 20 % maximum
Ajay Kumar Srivastava
Ajay Kumar Srivastava
30 de enero de 2012

Dear Ekramul Haque,

We must use locally available feed resorces like broken rice, rice bran etc. Broken rice / rice screening is good for animals.
As far as feeding management is concern first I would like to know the present feeding practices followed by you, use of feed ingredients and their cost (Rs./kg).

2) You need to answer the following questions:
in the table gicen below
Parameters 1st Animal
Detail of animals
Type of animal (Cattle/Buffalo)
Class (Heifer / Adult)
Age ( year & month)
Pregnant (Yes / No.)
Pregnancy month (Number)
Body wt. In kg
Milking Status (Dry / In Milk)
Fat (%)
Milk Production (kg/day)
Month after calving (month)
Feed & Fodder Offered (kg/day)
Name Present Cost(Rs./kg)
Rice Screening
Wheat Bran
Mustard Cake
Wheat Grain
Maize Grain
Sorghum Sudan Green
Wheat Straw
Paddy Straw

10 de octubre de 2020
Can we feed rice bran to female buffalo? Is there any side effect in feeding rice bran to our buffalo?Thanks you so much.
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