Mohammad Salahuddin
PhD research fellow (Dairy nutrition)
Animal Nutritionist in Bangladesh milk producer;s cooperative union ltd(Milk Vita Cattle Feed Plant)
PhD research fellow (Dairy nutrition)
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Thank you sir for your nice & real comments. Those cows are high yielding (above 12 litre of milk) must be supplemented with rumen protected amino acid. But actually in Bangladesh most of the feed manufacturer never used such type of amino acid. As a result, all the cows are in high yielding can't meet their amino acid requirement; consequently, result is low milk production with low milk qual ...
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Thanks for your quick response.
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What is the price of it? How much methionine does work for production
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Its my great pleasure that I have a gotten a chance to give a opinion about my respected sir Mr. M.R Garg about his opinion. Lysine and Methionine requirement from microbial source only covered by up to 12 litre of milk production. A above 12 litre of milk we have to supplement those amino acid from the protected form.
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Dear Afredo,I very much agree with your view points. As you have argued, we need to focus more on the attributes of fat as source fatty acids essential to animal and human nutrition, health, performance and wellbeing. Apart from C16:0 and PUFAs, oleic acid is being recognised as having positive effective on total fat digestibility and cow body condition. The challenge though remains one of minimis ...
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I would like to join this versatile group
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Water stability can achieve if you have good particle size from grinding process. More starch feed ingredients with more finer grinding results more hardness. More size ( Dia, & lengthen) make pellet less durable. More fibre less durable.
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