Mohammad Salahuddin
PhD research fellow (Dairy nutrition)
Animal Nutritionist in Bangladesh milk producer;s cooperative union ltd(Milk Vita Cattle Feed Plant)
PhD research fellow (Dairy nutrition)
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Congratulations sir! Please share What size will it be available and at what cost would you offer to farmers.
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DeaMarkus, I am interested on.the AMINODat 6.0, How I can access?. It will be very helpful for our farmers. I am now an Animal nutritionist of Bangladersh milk producers cooperative union Ltd ( milkvita) Cattle Feed Plant. which is a state run dairy farmers cooperative venture, consist of 10 lac marginal landless poor dairy farmers with 65000 lactating cow I.would like to reuest you to get the.AM ...
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Pelleting of grass is not surely an ideal feeding method, as it turns into very fine and grass lost its special characteristics that mean effective NDF which causes acidosis. lameness, fat depression disturbance of rumen microbial ecosystem. As a result, less production performance of dairy cattle.
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Dear All, Why one would try Alfalfa pellets in a commercial dairy operation, surely does the harm rather to do the good, Experimental feeding comparisons clearly proved that using alfalfa pellets has induced a higher proportion of SARA and accompanied Poor hoof health. When given a choice between Alfalfa pellets and Hay, one should always choose hay as it provides a greater surface area for micob ...
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Dr Pooja Bhardwaj Thank you very much for the informative article.
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Manget Ram Garg Good study. I have studied long ago in Denmark and having same results. However, sources of feed is important, particularly selenium in soil where roughage or corn grown and feeding of animals. it is also same in chicken that affects in Glutathione peroxidase activity. Definitely organic source is effective.
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Thank you sir for your nice & real comments. Those cows are high yielding (above 12 litre of milk) must be supplemented with rumen protected amino acid. But actually in Bangladesh most of the feed manufacturer never used such type of amino acid. As a result, all the cows are in high yielding can't meet their amino acid requirement; consequently, result is low milk production with low milk qual ...
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Thanks for your quick response.
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What is the price of it? How much methionine does work for production
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Its my great pleasure that I have a gotten a chance to give a opinion about my respected sir Mr. M.R Garg about his opinion. Lysine and Methionine requirement from microbial source only covered by up to 12 litre of milk production. A above 12 litre of milk we have to supplement those amino acid from the protected form.
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