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The sensorial characteristics of feeds and the post ingestion consequences modulate the acceptance and intake of feeds. Do you want to find out more? Listen to our expert, Simon Eskinazi, Global Scientific & Technical Manager for Palatability
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Learn from Valentin Nenov, Global Species Manager Ruminants at Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care, how after the drought of 2018, Phileo can help you to get the maximum from the diet using Actisaf® in cows, during Eurotier 2018
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Wasting nutrients is a waste of money. But feed losses also have a direct effect on animal health and performance and makes the diet less sustainable. This can be prevented by giving the rumen more care and attention. In a healthy working rumen, digestion is optimised and no nutrients will be lost. This means one step closer to a more sustainable dairy farm.The global dairy sector has been under a ...
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Any reliable data on how this product could diminish enteric methane during ruminal digestion?
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IntroductionBiological rhythms are repeating patterns that are driven by time-keeping mechanisms within the animal and are adaptive as they coordinate physiology and metabolism with the external environment. The dairy cow has a well-recognized natural daily pattern of feed intake and milk synthesis and an annual rhythm of milk composition, but regulation of these rhythms has not been well describe ...
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