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As for the improvement about eggshell strength, please try Xtract6930 and you will be surprised at the result, it's very consistent. please contact Pancosma if you need samples and explore the reason.
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Fabrizio Donegà, CEO of Silvateam, talks about the plans and projects of this company for 2019 in the field of Plant-based extracts for animal nutrition. Also, he highlights the success of the 2nd Asia Pacific Silvateam Technical Seminar which was held in Bangkok, before VIV Asia 2019...
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Heat stress is really a headache for farms, the integrated solutions can work well only, so the capsicum can contribute some works along with other solutions according to Pancosma's numerous research for many years, you will see the result if you can try with extract.
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nice article! it's headache for NE prevention worldwide.
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Actually Taiwan is one province/district of China instead of one country!
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Excellent article! Xtract nature works well for NE prevention.
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super!value added to xtract6930 user in broiler.
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Great result! I hope it works in practical application!
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what's the ingredients inside?how about the cost inclusion in feed?
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Great company with deep research! It's the future for animal nutrition industry.
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