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The Originator of Veterinary Ayurveda Established in 1951, Indian Herbs is the originator of the concept of Veterinary Ayurveda. Indian Herbs was the first company to harness the rich treasure of herbs by developing phytogenic products on modern scientific lines. With more than seven decades ...
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3/8/2023 - Thailand
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Excellent and wholesome information. Livoliv 250 is a promising Phytogenic supplement for enhancing the meat quality attributes, which inturn helps satisfying the taste buds of the consumers.
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Background InformationMajor changes in the swine industry during the last quarter century have significantly influenced vitamin nutrition of swine. Improvements in the efficiency of swine production system through selection has necessitated a reappraisal of dietary requirements of vitamins.Antioxidant Vitamin Supplementation options for pigsBioavailability of some vitamins in various feedstuffs is ...
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A must read article on One Health
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One Health MissionFor most of the 20th century, society viewed veterinary medicine primarily as an animal health medical discipline. In recent years, highly publicized public health threats have helped many realize the fundamental linkages between veterinary medicine and human health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one or more new infectious diseases have emerged each year since ...
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One of the biggest complaints surrounding the poultry houses is the smell of manure. The ammonia concentration in poultry houses not only contributes to the smell but can be harmful for both the birds and the workers who frequent the barn. This article is about how ammonia gas is formed, its impact on the birds and how to control ammonia levels in poultry houses.Ammonia emission in poultry housesA ...
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