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Congratulations and wish many more new observations from the professor in the field of Animal welfare
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very useful and practical information on APEC
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Dear Kani Mahmood This article might be helpful for you:
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in the second part of this interview, Dr. Koushik De, Director-Technical Services at Novus International South Central Asia, explains why we should care about Trypsin Inhibitor and how to deal with it in Soybean meal
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Dear Dr Kotayya you are exactly right when you say the importance of poultry attendant is crucial even to prevent and early diagnosis impending problem in a shed or farm . In order to achieve this a well trained ,committed husbandry known person is need of the hour in developing countries where biosecurity and immunology has to be further updated
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This service will be a boon to the Indian and other SARC countries poultry farmers
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Highlights from the conversation with Michael Kogut, Billy Hargis, Roseline Angel, Doug Korver, Christi Swaggerty, Fiona Tomley, Saadia Nassik, Damer Blake, Everton Krabbe and Francisco Piraces, who joined Elizabeth Santin for this roundtable, during the 1st PoultryUniverse Coccidiosis Congress in Curitiba, Brazil.
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Rearing broilers in cages is not so popular in many parts of the world because the challenges we face in brooding, vaccination, feeding and finally lifting the birds etc., and, most importantly, initial Infrastructure cost per bird may not be feasible in broiler cage system. If prices are comfortable we can opt for cage system or like Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar style... they rear the birds on the ...
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Informative and useful article about parasites in poultry.
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