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#Poultry gut health
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Salicylic acid in the same way can help as anti pyretic in extreme summer conditions and found useful to check heat stroke mortality especially for layer birds
Participation in Forum on December 18, 2018
Excellent article, it's really fantastic experimental scientific insights you have shared to this community particularly reduction of SALMONELLA infections, you have conducted an experiment on in ovo injection of probiotics along with Marek's vaccine is really a great initiative,You also gave informative insights on the growth of villi, reduction of viscosity when using alternative ingredients in ...
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Introduction A common human propensity is to regard all microorganisms as “harmful”, in particular, equating bacteria to pathogenic germs. Nothing could be further from the truth. The number of beneficial bacterial species far exceeds the number of pathogenic species and many of the known bacteria are in fact useful or even indispensable for the continued existence of life on Earth. ...
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We can reduce the cocci incidences by maintaining a very good farm environment with perfect disinfection which is suitable to kill oocysts, because coccidiosis is a purely managemental failure disease which will be spread through oocysts. Oocysts can survive years in the soil and there are multiple hosts/vectors for their survival, so it's always better to maintain better farm management condition ...
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Cesar A. Lopes Excellent analysis sir,where AGPs are banned there the therapeutic usage of drugs are increasing tremandously,and you have given nice stats,so by this we can understand that the drugs which are not being used in humans can be used in animal productions in order to control pathogenic bacteria and losses of the order to control clostredia,e coli,salmonella etc we have ...
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Dear sir, It's not a good idea to use any antibiotic as a growth promoter or therapeutic use,but to control diseases when we have an option its better to use to reduce the losses,in general whatever antibiotics we use in human diseases they should not be used very frequently,but the AGPs like ZINC BACITRACIN, BM Disalicilate etc we use in poultry are not being used by humans,so resistance chances ...
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Ruwan Berculo, Director VIV worldwide, sums up the main points of the second edition of VIV MEA 2018, which took place in February in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
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Agree with several of these comments so let me put some thoughts about my experience on coccidiosis. Necrotic enteritis would be for another occasion.Let´s not forget that clean houses don´t allow the chicks to develop early immune response against coccidiosis, instead, this will delay the immune response which will typically play an important role of coccidiosis control when ionophore ...
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Yes, the coccidiosis can be contained by proper disinfection salt solution of 5 % is also very effective if done in empty shed before housing the flock.
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We have tried different kinds of phytochemical ingredients like saponins, tannins, alkaloids, essential oils etc to prevent coccidiosis but unfortunately, we couldn't get consistent results with these ayurvedic products, so majority producers in India are depending on ionophores or other chemical anticoccidials,In case of necrotic enteritis you have so many opportunities to control through pr ...
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