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EVONIK ANIMAL NUTRITION Better feed for better food: the science of animal nutrition is one of the keys to efficient and sustainable livestock production. And our cutting-edge feed additives, services  and  software solutions play an essential role in the process. Our proven holisti...
News published on June 3, 2022
More than 130 participants joined Evonik Bangladesh for a customer seminar on “Gut Health – A Multidimensional Approach for a Multifactorial Challenge". The event was opened by Dr. Sanjit Chakraborty, followed by Dr. Saikat Saha with a presentation on ‘Evonik Animal Nutrition’s System Solution Approach for sustainable livestock’. Finally, Dr. Pradeep Krishnan gave t ...
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Article published the July 5, 2021
I. INTRODUCTIONCommercial poultry diets are routinely supplemented with methionine (Met) sources to precisely meet their Met+Cys specifications. Globally, dry DL-methionine (DL-Met, 99% purity) is the most commonly used Met source followed by methionine hydroxy analogue products (MHA-FA liquid, 88% purity and dry MHA-Ca, 84% purity) and L-methionine (LMet, 99% purity). During recent years, numerou ...
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Article published the July 5, 2021
I. INTRODUCTION Growing emphasis on environmental regulation requires global animal production to adopt strategies like feeding low CP diets to minimize nitrogen excretion. However, in some of the animal feeding studies, lowering dietary CP beyond a certain level showed undesirable effects on growth performance and carcass quality of broilers. A number of explanatory approaches is being debated as ...
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Article published the March 11, 2021
A study was conducted to evaluate the effects of replacing corn by full-fat rice bran (FFRB) on performance and meat quality characteristics of growing-finishing pigs. A total of 728 pigs [Duroc x (Yorkshire x Landrace); initial body weight (BW) = 24.1 ± 0.11 kg] were randomly distributed to 4 dietary treatments with 7 replicate pens (26 pigs/pen) per treatment. Diets 1, 2, 3 and 4 were for ...
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Article published the May 23, 2019
Feed is one of the most important component which accounts for 60 to 70% of the total cost of pig production. In commercial piglet diets, allowing only protein feedstuffs to meet the dietary lysine needs of the animal would increase levels of other essential and non-essential amino acids (AA) beyond requirement. This would eventually result in diets with higher crude protein (CP) content. The majo ...
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