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BSc. Animal Science
Discussion created on November 30, 2016
Whenever raw materials are bought and stored, an assumption is usually made that the finished products produced will be of the same weight as the raw materials used during production. Ironically, this does not happen. There are always variances in weight of the end products. The finished products are usually less in weight as compared to the raw materials used. Where are these variances coming fro ...
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Dear members of Engormix: To all of you who are interested in this opening, remember to send your CV to Alina@specialnutrients.com. Thank you and best regards.
Participation in Forum on November 26, 2016
for least cost formulation, I would go for MS Excel. It works magic for me. All these programmes used are nice, but for Excel its simple and anyone can master it.
Discussion created on November 26, 2016
I have been using an inclusion rate of 13% for sunflower cake and 8% for whole wheat in my poultry feed formulations. What is the maximum inclusion rates for the two? And what is used to define these inclusion rates?
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In my experience with mash feed in broiler, i observed this facts: 1. A decrease in mortality 2. An improvment of litter condition (less wet) 3. The gut is more healthy and more thick (heavy) especially gizzard. This explane the lower dressing rate 4. The low fat deposition is olso observed du to à lower growth rate 5. But a slow growth compared with pellet feed but the third point can be improve ...
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it's so simple dear. firstly in mash selective feeding remains an active phenomenon means birds will intend to eat larger particles leaving powderous part behind. so this way balanced formula doesn't reach each birds as is expected & needed for performance because let's suppose corn size is coarser if in a feed, all bird will firstly chose to eat corn & this way their energy needs may get satisfie ...
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I recommend reading this informative review on this topic. Feeding Behaviour of Broiler Chickens: a Review on the Biomechanical Characteristics by Neves DPI; Banhazi TMII; Nääs IA at Rev. Bras. Cienc. Avic. vol.16 no.2 Campinas Apr./June 2014 This is the link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/1516-635x16021-16
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One of the reasons is that birds spend more energy when fed with mash than when fed with pellets: most of this difference comes from the greater number of accesses to the feeder, as birds have to frequently stop feeding to go drinking - to clean their mouth from the dust than is part in the mash feed. If you could feed the birds with a mash containing no dust - i.e. made up only of particles above ...
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