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shujat ali
M. Sc (hons) animal husbandry
Technical services to farmers on parent stock (ross 308)
M. Sc (hons) animal husbandry
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Sir Or any other alternate product, you can suggest, which can lower the ph of litter.
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This is very correct. A lot of downgraded broiler products are due to poor management of the litter.
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Mr d k MahalThis product is very helpful for farmers in Pakistan, as such product is not available here. How can it be available in Pakistan.
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Methionine, As we know very well is an essential amino acid meaning it is not required by the body and has to be supplemented from outside. Which means that a bird needs it from sources like feed which opens the doors of business for all those industries which produce methionine. If it would have been like other amino acids which are non-essential and produced by the body we certainly would not ha ...
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September 19, 2016
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