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We are already living in an era post-antibiotics, but the technicians continue to insist on reprehensible treatments using very important drugs in human medicine, just to treat secondary E. coli infections, which could be prevented with numerous other measures, beginning with biosecurity and other management already informed, including good environment and ventilation. It is very important to reme ...
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The Primary Turkey Breeders eliminated all 3 Mycoplasmas from their flocks many years ago, and flocks are constantly monitored. Mycoplasma is very serious in Broiler Turkeys due to the longer grow-out period. Aviagen now owns Nicholas and B.U.T., and will no doubt be applying their proven Mycoplasma management systems to their chicken operations. I regard chickens as a serious risk, and try to ...
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It is frustrating and disappointing how we veterinarians, flock and farm managers, farm owners abuse and overlook the antibiotic resistance on today's world. We're already living an post antibiotic era. But the vast majority of those involved in food chain, in some countries, still do not realize it. Some comments above are the testimony of this.
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Very interesting experiment that really mimic the real situation on practical conditions. My question is a simple one: How to explain the good hatchability on backyard chickens where the eggs remain on environmental temperature for 10 - 12 days? Besides this fact remember that, in a cycle of 10 eggs laid, except the last one, all the others suffer everyday short heating (above 100 F) at least for ...
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This year, 2016, we are happy to celebrate the most effective and reliable tool on SG protection, since 9R strain has been commercialized for 60 years. Este ano, 2016, estamos felizes em celebrar os 60 anos da utilização comercial da cepa 9R, como a mais eficaz e confiável ferramenta na proteção contra o Tifo Aviário.
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Dr. Terzolo is one of the best researcher worldwide in this subject and so an authority for discussing and comment it. I ask permission to add some tips very useful in FT outbreaks in Brazil. This is my opinion and experience. Pay attention that we are talking about Fowl Typhoid.1. Even in very poor production systems, try to apply basic rules of biosecurity. Of course if you are not be able to ap ...
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