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Wijaya Saputra Serology is useless after live vaccination (and probably killed MG vaccination). There are too many normal responses and perhaps these are modulated by factors other than mycoplasma - like using LaSota.!Pages/Publications/Documents/DOC-Bulletin-2015-02.pdf See the bulletin. But in Australia nearly all broiler breeders have no serological response ...
Participation in Forum on July 12, 2022
Excellent interview. Congratulations!In a short space of time, the interviewee touched on several points needed to be developed.The abyssal differences in antimicrobial (AMC) use in poultry and swine production must undoubtedly be taken into account.But... large companies and large cooperatives all operate in both segments. Why is the approach so different in the production chain?Another point tha ...
Participation in Forum on February 28, 2022
Despite many national and international campaigns on the prudent use of antimicrobials in animal production, the results have been, if not null, insignificant, especially in countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.The results of your important research show this.It is not uncommon, in the regions mentioned above, that eggs from flocks of laying hens, treated with antimicrobials, are traded nor ...
Participation in Forum on February 17, 2022
Luis AlvesThanks for the information Professor. These studies meet the needs of producers, technicians and, above all, our final target, His Majesty the consumer.The environment also thanks!!!
Participation in Forum on February 17, 2022
Congratulations for the excellent work. It meets the needs of our Continent.The poultry industry in South America has similarities in the epidemiology of some diseases.The role of Dermanyssus gallinae in the maintenance (chronicity) of Fowl Typhoid, in some commercial laying farms, brings with it numerous problems for the poultry farmer and also for the consumer.On the one hand, less informed prod ...
Participation in Forum on February 15, 2022
Thanks for coming up with this interesting idea and article.At this point, I guess it is important to stress that, on the one hand, we create better conditions for animal welfare, reduce stress, cannibalism, some metabolic problems, including carcass alterations, leg problems, wooden breast syndrome (in the case of broilers). On the other hand, we significantly increase the risk of bacterial (salm ...
Participation in Forum on November 22, 2021
Dr.m.s.swami Are there commercial bacteriophages available in your country or are they experimental products?
Participation in Forum on November 3, 2021
Excellent your questioning and reflection. Without monitoring and data analysis, the industry will hardly achieve its goals, whatever the disease.The result is that, for not being able to reach satisfactory levels of contamination by salmonella in their production, many veterinarians still use - systematically - chemical and antimicrobial products, in the raw material, feed and water, aggressive t ...
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Adding to the comment of Dr. Martins, in South America, there has been investment in reinforcing the biosecurity in breeders and hatcheries in rearing is a little slower investment, many companies have achieved improvements in terms of reducing or completely eliminating antibiotics the first day, thus aligning what the markets demand.
Participation in Forum on March 1, 2021
Chris Morrow Dear Chris, I fully agree with your considerations and point of view. In all of Latin America, we have to make great strides in the poultry industry segment for domestic markets. The reception of day old broiler or day old laying chicks with 3 to 5 days of antibiotics, in water or feed - to try to control initial mortality, infections by Mycopplasma and Salmonella - is still a stand ...
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