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Bertrand Medina, Hi, cocci in layers is, not just coccidiosis, but always be mixed with bacterial invasion like Clostridium. Hence better use ESB3 in water as per the severity fix a dose, and along with this use a probiotic in water like Biomin? pro, for 5 or 6 days.The medication for 6 days.
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Many thanks for all the kind and thought provoking comments! @Prof. Donzele, I agree that other the immune system requirements for other 'non-essential' amino acids should also be considered (as my review was already rather lengthy this was not really covered). This is definitely a topic to investigate further when formulating diets for challenging conditions.
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It has been always changing the requirements of essential amino acids and nutrients, as the atmosphere, genetic capacity of the laying hens is increasing.
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The World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH), a non profit organization, with partners like the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the University of Luxemburg and local Veterinary faculties has been giving high level training for 150 practicing poultry veterinarians from 22 countries during the last four years It took place in six countries (Veterinary faculties) se ...
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Prolapse is a condition that arises in young layers as a result of many complex reasons during growing age. Managemental practices, lighting, feed quality, nutrition and body weight at the time of point of lay, are the few key factors which predispose the condition... prolapse. In birds which are in peak or going to peak, any changes in feed and nutrition may affect the production.
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The more is the density in population the more will be stress. Climate changes, nutrition changes and any disturbance will easily effect the performance. The production also drops as the water,feed and air spaces are restricted.
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In field the organic or inorganic mineral impact is very low. Many years we have been using the trace minerals in normal dose, but never found any deficiency. In recent times, one particular farmer didn't use any TM without any drop in performance for 2 months. So can we forego TM in order to see that the soil content doesn't change by voiding of minerals by excretion?
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In spite several requests and advice the commercial poultry layer and broiler farmers, are not able to maintain strict vaccination programs and procedures. Before onset of summer they should ensure proper serlogical serlogical protections. Nutritionally also many are not in a position to make it optimum. No properly equipped labs and knowledgeable technicians available in near by production center ...
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Dear all, the Gizzard erosion is seen mostly in chicks at the age ranging from 5-11 wks of age. Mortality and pathogenecity varies.Majority cases showed their recovery in 2 weeks. Its now confirmedly considered to be an ADENO virus problem. Why so much worry.If the breeders are taken proper care this problem will be solved. Try to give more of potassium salts and antacids along with anti irritants ...
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