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Participation in Forum on June 10, 2024
Thanks for the article. Table 4 seems to be missing. Or is it just my computer that doesn’t show it?Kind regards, P. Wijnen
Participation in Forum on October 13, 2023
@Pol Tarce Actually there is also Copper Sulphate in Selko pH, so it algae shouldn't form when the product is used in the right way. The quality of the water and the water system could play a role, also the use of medications and vitamins could have caused the clogging of your filters, but as said by mr. Paris when you use a proper peroxide product between the flocks, you should get rid of the clo ...
Wijnen likes the comment:
I wonder if I am reading the data from the experiment correctly. ? For the JEJUNUM, I see the VH/CD ratio of the DON+treatment is worse than the DON alone group and the negative impract (7,8 -> 7,4) is much larger than from DON alone (7,9 -> 7,8); If my interpretation would be correct, than this is very bad, since it looks that the product is aggravating the situation. Also in the DUODENUM ...
Participation in Forum on July 6, 2020
Dear Dr Ana, Table 2 seems to be missing. Best regards
Participation in Forum on May 6, 2020
Perhaps I am missing someting, but I think that instead of table 1, table 2 is placed. This means table 2 is twice in your publication. Regards, Peter Wijnen
Participation in Forum on January 8, 2020
L.S.,In your introduction you mentioned:Such an emphasis on productive traits may have compromised the ability of modern broilers to cope with metabolic and skeletal disorders (Dawkins and Layton, 2012; Julian, 1998) and infectious pathogens (Cheema et al., 2003; Yunis et al., 2000). This raises concerns amongst the general public and have led, for example, the Dutch Organisation of Retailers to t ...
Participation in Forum on December 5, 2017
As an answer to the question about HPAI in broilers, yes, there have been broilers flocks tested positive for HPAI. In the Netherlands in 2003 there were some flocks that were found to be positive for HPAI H7N7.
Participation in Forum on February 8, 2017
The purpose of the research of Dr Niewold et al is to prove the efficacy of known in vivo and in vitro models to compare the anti-inflammatory effects of non-antibiotics with the known effects of old antibiotic growth promotors. This is done, I believe, with the purpose to get a better selection procedure for non-antibiotic growth- promotors and not to advocate the use of antibiotics for growth pr ...
Participation in Forum on August 31, 2016
Dear Mr. Tripathi, Your product seems to work wonderful. I am curious how it would work under non-Indian circumstances. In your article you mentioned table 4, it could be me, but I was not able to find this table in your article. Regards, Peter Wijnen
Participation in Forum on July 13, 2016
Dear Dr Abdelaziz, Thank you for sharing your experiences. I don't want to offend you or discourage you to share more experiences, but your English was quite difficult to read. Probably it was a typing failure but in your remarks about 3 types of vaccination you mixed up serotype 2 and 3. Regards
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