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Asif Obaid Thanks Asif.. When the paper is published, I will be glad to read.
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Intan Nursiam 20-30% particle size >1 mm ? >1 mm means 5 mm? 8mm? 10mm? 20 mm?
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Asif Obaid published papers on this please? Title of paper is enough. Thank you. PS. How much in % is the coarse corn in the diet? How coarse is the corn? What do you mean by “less intect ”??
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Interesting. It seems perfectly logical to me that if you change the substrate flow into the caudal gut (by increasing the rate of digestion of e.g. starch and protein or altering the solubility or tertiary structure of NSP) the microbiome will rapidly adapt to this new ecology and reorient itself accordingly. However, I find it a little difficult to accept that the major mechanism of a xylanase o ...
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"A desirable fish pellet should be durable enough to remain floating and absorb water, but not change its shape (i.e. disintegrate) after being in the water for a couple of hours". Where is the connection between "durable enough" "remain floating" " absorb water" " not change its shape i.e. disintegrate" after being in water for couple of hours...? - First: If a pellet absorbs water, it will cha ...
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Loses its durability? Do you mean disintegrates completely in water?What would the binding agent do exactly? Increase the water stability of the pellet, or the durability, or the hardness, or combination?
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Asif Obaid what intestinal organs are sensitive? and what do you mean by sensitive? do birds get sick? do birds die? organs stop working?
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