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Dear All, Thank you for the interest. It is true that tibia ash is expressed on a wet weight basis, however the statistical significance does not change when converting to DM, for 36 d, treatments 1-8: 44.73, 44.64, 44.10, 43.81, 45.49, 43.24, 43.72, and 44.00 %. Sergio, layer requirements are completely different so while you may observe the same interactions between phytase, dP, IP and Ca in ...
Article published the June 12, 2013
I. INTRODUCTION The global availability of inorganic phosphates is limited; phosphorus (P) is the third most expensive ingredient after energy and amino acids. Therefore sustainable animal production requires optimal utilisation of P to reduce the cost of feeding. Over two thirds of P in plantbased feedstuffs is not readily available in poultry as it is bound to phytic acid (PA), which has been co ...
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Article published the June 4, 2013
I. INTRODUCTIONThe relationship between calcium (Ca) and phosphorus (P) in broiler nutrition is one that is complex and multifactorial. The digestion and absorption of these minerals is influenced by other dietary vitamins and enzymes as well as endogenous hormones. The modern broiler has a high requirement for Ca and P for energy metabolism and skeletal development. Deficiencies in Ca, P or both ...
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In answer to Silas´s question, I think this much more dependent on the water holding capacity of the raw materials than the retention of dry matter in the foregut.
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Thank you all very much for the comments. I think Mingan has explained the situation very well: the gizzard is a grinding organ and therefore requires a substrate for its own development. A well-developed gizzard will not only result in a more homogenised particle size of digesta entering the lumen but reductions in pH in the gizzard as a result of up regulation of HCL secretions coming from the p ...
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Thanks Ganesh, it is, indeed, possible for microbial species to be relocated, we have demonstrated this, in as yet, unpublished data. Adam
Article published the May 14, 2012
Summary A trial was conducted to test the following hypothesis; broiler exposure to coarse insoluble fibre in the diet or litter will result in enhanced gizzard function and performance, improved adaptability to an intermittent feeding program and an increase in the occurrence of reverse peristalsis. Ross 308 broiler chickens were either intermittent or ad libitum fed a basal diet, a basal diet di ...
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The hypothesis that an increase in luminal viscosity would result in reductions in performance parameters, digesta passage rate and frequency of reverse peristalsis was tested. Chickens were fed diets containing varying quantities of guar gum, alginic acid or corn starch to influence digesta viscosity. The two guar gum treatments yielded the highest intestinal viscosities mirrored by very hig ...
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