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Immune stimulation in aquaculture was a subject on the board when I joined Phileo some years ago. One of my first tasks was to assess the products we had available in the group as immune stimulants in aquaculture species.Immune stimulation in aquaculture is a confused fieldNot being an immunologist by training, but having some knowledge in the field of immune stimulation in aquaculture, I then emb ...
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Elizabeth Santin, a Professor at the Federal University of Paraná, describes ways to contro immunity and improve gut health in all species in an event held by the Brazilian company Yes.
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Eltville, Germany, 2017-10-09 – Phytobiotics, the leading producer and vendor of the well-known feed additives (such as Sangrovit ®, Plexomin ® and Bigarol), hosted their annual international IQ Inside Seminar from 22 to 26 September in Kufstein, Austria. More than 120 guests from over 33 countries and 4 different continents were invited to learn and talk about novel ways of efficien ...
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All suggestions are right but let me add another view to solve the problem of wet letter in broiler farms for poultry let me divide to the main ways. 1-Water------- 2-Feed---- 3-Managements---- *Water (TDS-TBC-Temp optimal of the water&calculate consumed quantity) *Feed quality -- %of fiber-%of protein-quality of protein- salt contents sod.pot.&sulphat. ------) type of feed with complete feed ...
Participation in Forum on December 8, 2016
Wet litter is a multifactorial problem - no doubt, as you well know. There are many scientific and field trials showing that the forgotten nutrient "Fiber" has a huge Impact on litter humidity - as Mr. Emad mentioned.To inform you about this issue please check:- The impact of crude fibre concentrate on footpad dermatitis in Broilers (Published on: 1/16/2015, Author/s : Dr. Manfred Pietsch)- Dietar ...
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EXPERIENCE WITH TURKEYS further confirms this trend. Even Free Range Turkeys, with enhanced fibre intake, still go crazy when given access to fresh bedding. I estimate consumption of 60-70% of bedding material within a few days. Feed text books recommend a maximum fibre of 4-5% in Turkey Rations, but the high dilution rate from bedding produces minimal effect on growth or FCE. We are now developin ...
Participation in Forum on October 26, 2015
Dr. Zahid, for sure the other participants in this discussion a close to your region and can estimate better the problems you have with your layers and give you for sure good recommendations. But we are observing everywhere in the world that although balanced feed are used most of them are just a crude fiber balanced - the feed producer us as a reference for a feed fiber content just use crude f ...
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Escherichia coli (APEC)-induced egg peritonitis in layer chickens Reverse movement of albumen and Escherichia coli bacteria from the oviduct into the Abdomen. With Management of body weight and uniformity, reproductive development (ovary follicle growth and maturation), and drinking water sanitation are the best preventive strategies. Do not know much about this issue. Check Internet - there are ...
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Dear Maheswar Rath,  Yes, ARBOCEL is a comercial product and you can buy it in India and in almost all countries in the world.The crude fiber Content of ARBOCEL is 70 % (in the dry substance) and this is 100 % insoluble fiber. Or we have the NDF values - 97 % of ARBOCEL is NDF.Yor are 100% right - the foot pad dermatitis is a litter moisture Status linked issue - significantly correlated ...
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Sorry not to be able to help you more. But try to contact with your chicks provider etc. Maybe is it an isolated case, or maybe not. Any how your chicks provider should know about this problem. Best Regards and hope you find soon a solution.
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