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imrovement of production

Published: January 25, 2010
By: Boo Ali Younas
how we improve the milk production of local cross fresion cows? how we formulate their feed?
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Syed Hasan Raza
Syed Hasan Raza
26 de enero de 2010
Dear Boo Ali It is not an easy task to get maximum production from crossbred animals. It is a complete science and combination of feeding, breeding, housing and management sciences. And their applications remain cganging time to time and locality to locality. The envronmrnt plays an important role in management of these animals and it keeps changing with external factors. The blood level also decides the management system. So unless you have expert with deep practical knolwdge it is difficults to advise anything. If some body gives advise it is like operating the patient in absantia.
Syed Hasan Raza
Syed Hasan Raza
26 de enero de 2010
Another thing I would like to add that only an animal scientist can advise correctly. A person from anyother fied might learn terms of nutrition but can not be called nutritionist. Therfore always contact a nutritionist not jack of all.
Saikim Gimbang
26 de enero de 2010
Dear Mr. I do agree with Syed Reza, to formulate a feedis not an easy task, but first you need to study your farm environmental condition the variation of temperature from day to day, the energy and macro and micro nutrient in the feed must be in correct propotion or otherwise the feed itself will stress the animal, but the best is to consult a nutritionist in your area.
Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan
30 de enero de 2010
Dear Boo ali You have asked two questions from experts to increase productivity of your cross bred herd. You recieved 3 comments from 2 distinguished scientists. Both of them suggested you to hire some proper consultant instead of asking straight solutions for your dairy. Syed Hassan Raza Sb sent two comments and certainly 2nd comment was after thought to warn you keeping away from self styled animal scientists without any proper degree. Syed Hassan Raza instead of giving you some formulation narrated the factors while deciding formulations which you already know. As I know you have already seen many animal scientists with degree without knowledge therefore it is necessary to have some scientist with knowledge also. By reading these comments you should be very clear that there is no free lunch in this world. However I agree with Syed Hassan Raza that you must hire an experienced consultant as you have already done a huge investment in purchasing animals and to have proper production from these animals cost of a consultant will be very little and in return you will get timely proper guidance to increase and maintain productivity of your herd. I know Syed Hassan Raza and I will suggest you to hire him as consultant which will be a proper choice for your project. He has vast experience both in teaching and practical livestock management. I understand if you approach to hire him as consultant, he will not hesitate to help you. I am always available for any discussion regarding performance of your project without any obligation just in the interest of dairy development in this country
Dr Chandrakant Patil
Origin Vet Nutrition Marketing Private Limited
2 de febrero de 2010
Dear Mr. For any dairy farm, asking straight for a feed formulation is not a solution to improve the performance of dairy animals. Before doing so one has to take into consideration about the environmental conditions at the farm, fodder availability- type and quantity, production status of animals. To go really with feed formualtions, one needs to have expert animal nutritionist is required with the knowledge of animal physiology and its application to feed formulation taking into account the actual needs of animals. Also, while formulating the feed, apart from the environmental conditions, water analysis, energy balance of the animal as well the future reproductive parameters should be taken into consideration and the feed be formulated. The purpose of improving dairy animl performance is not sufficed by only formulating the feed to make the summation feed ingredients and feed supplements to 100. We are also consulting animal nutritionist in India. We will also help you out in performance in dairy animals. But again the thing comes that advising through phone or email is just like operating the patient in absentia. Thanks and regards
Jeff Weisel
Chosen Acres Consulting, Inc.
8 de febrero de 2010
Boo Ali i would suggest that you look at feed effeciency, rate of passage, are you harvesting milk correctly and what is the cow telling you. I see a lot of different nutritionist feeding a lot of different rations all for the same rumen. Most nutritioniost need to feed what the agronomist prescribed 9 months earlier and their hands are tied from doing a real good job. When we harvest milk incorrectly and with all the nerve endings that are on the bottom of the teat we see a release of steroids that shut down the cow resulting in increased ineffeciencies.
Hassan Subhani
Sweetwater International, Inc.
8 de febrero de 2010
I agree with Jeff
Yusuf Ziya Cakir
11 de febrero de 2010
First evaluate your herds genetic capasity Second evaluate your enviromental and barn conditions as well as climate Third evaluate your feed resources and grazing field( if you have) Fourth evaluate how efficient your herd management is And discuss all these things with an expert who knows your local cattle breeding facilities It is advisable to take consistent advise and reconsider your herd in monthly basis My Regards
Syed Hasan Raza
Syed Hasan Raza
22 de febrero de 2010
A major problem in improving the animal production is very much hidden that is management of dairy herds is most of the times is in hands of non-technical personals or managers with limited knowledge of anial production. The animl production and animal treatment are two different fields and in Pkistan and many countries are treated equally. The main components of animals production are 1-breeding 2- feeding 3- management and 4- health. The most of commercial herds are maintained by staff 25[percent] knowledge (health only) or non at all. From here problems start. Unless these factors are corrected the problems will remain and conteniously incresaing. The suggestions and small tips can not improve the herd value unless professional are not engaged instead of jack of alls. I know a commercial farm that was being managed by Polo Horse Trainers and ultimatelly finished. Last day I was in lahore to attend and evaluate a foreign project, it was noted that people do not want to hire a competent person because of to hide their own weaknesses.
Dr.S. Mathan Kumar
9 de marzo de 2010
Hai All, In my opinion for a dairy to success you need ar right balance of good cows and good people. working with cross breds, you need to have a lot of patience until they enter in 2 and above lactation until you try work with the best health and breeding protocols. Cows are going to cost realize your nutrition, Return on investmemt for assets, and relation with the production only in 2 nd and above lactation. Try and form pool of good dairy sires preferably from different companies/ countries to work on your cows and heifers, try and reap the benefits later. In large organized dairies every day is important , Patience is the key. ATB 4 you Dr S. mathan Kumar
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