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Dr.S. Mathan Kumar
Can provide independent review of the dairy farms, able to find the pitfalls in daytoday operation and can provide herd improvement protocols. can provide technical traning in the areas of milking, breeding and herd health protocols to a group.
Participation in Forum on August 28, 2012
I really appreciate the effort of the author for this article about Mycotoxin in dairy cows, in my opinion, how ever the study results could have been more appropriate if it could have conveyed the trial herd's average Days in milk(DIM) and same parity for the uniformity of the production changes. Thanks
Participation in Forum on November 22, 2011
Dear All, Great informative article regarding feeding dairy cows, the author has taken efforts to even convey the nuances of dairy herd feeding in a simplified way.  I would like to add my comment as TMR at larger herds can not only be restricted two different milking cow ration rather it might even split up to three or four different rations depends on the number of cows at different ...
Participation in Forum on November 15, 2011
Dear All, Though not to criticise the comments of others, thi stechnical article is been detailed out the typical metric scenario one should wrad and watch in a big commercial dairy farms which operates in mutiple hundreds(atleast) for reproductive success. To the author, Thanks for sharing this information, it shall be of great help to the dairy consultants to adopt such number styles in exp ...
Participation in Forum on October 19, 2011
Thanks for the great article, Even though a major share of information listed here share the insights of heat detection in a large commercial dairy operation, personally i feel that few points can be addeed such as most of the times of their socialization occurs on return from the parlor(not immidieately) but after spending some time at the feed bunk and alos the time when they had taken to the pa ...
Participation in Forum on July 5, 2011
Dear Dr, The best way of your calculations is through the Average daily gain in body weightADG that can be of grams, first strat weighing atleast on ce in a fortnight, and then slowly repeat the protocol as once in a month. that shall be set in as a benchmark to evaluate or reevaluate your protocols, nutrition, care, supplements etc., Best tip is to start as quick as possible the concentarte ...
Participation in Forum on October 27, 2010
Dear madam, warm regards to you, i am unsure the you were the one one who taught us preventive medicine at VCRI during our undergraduate studies, 1992 Batch, was the student of your classes. I am presently working in muscat, being in this region nearly 9 years after completing my post graduation in vet surgery. Excellent article, many congraulations to you. Thankin you madam, regards, ...
Participation in Forum on October 6, 2010
Dear All, Why one would be thinking to utilize the moldy feed/ fodder to invite problems in to his herd/ flock. Aflatoxicosis is the much reviewed research subject area, its affection in case of dairy was well evident even interms of reduced reproductive efficiency and the availabilty of toxin binders, and regular and intensive screening of the suspected feed stuff prior to inclusion in to the f ...
Participation in Forum on September 27, 2010
Hi All, Yes, the inclusion rate depends on the how the cows have transitioned them selves during the last dry period, most often working with cross breds it is of imperative that you can utilize to the cows on second and above lactation to repay back interms of milk. Try and assess the group BCS and decide. If the inclusion rate and the concurrent non occurence of any othert medical condition ...
Participation in Forum on September 19, 2010
Dear All, Why one would try Alfalfa pellets in a commercial dairy operation, surely does the harm rather to do the good, Experimental feeding comparisons clearly proved that using alfalfa pellets has induced a higher proportion of SARA and accompanied Poor hoof health. When given a choice between Alfalfa pellets and Hay, one should always choose hay as it provides a greater surface area for micob ...
Participation in Forum on July 3, 2010
Hi all, Why one would lead to a situation in the herd mangement to handle high BCS cows, i do agree the lowprodusers which were there in the milking string for a longer time just because the might have become pregnant lately and are continuing in thed milking string for more longer time, These cows are to identified and as a group the should be dried off what you can call as LOW PRODN DRY OFF, t ...
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