Article published the January 4, 2013
IntroductionInfectious bovine rhinotracheitis is worldwide in distribution caused by bovine herpes virus-1 (BHV-1), however, IBR was reported for the first time in India by Mehrotra et al. (1976). It is one of the most prevalent respiratory and reproductive viral disease of cattle. Sinha et al. (2003) and Malmarugan et al. (2004) reported the IBR prevalence of 2.75 per cent and 81.0 per cent in bu ...
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Dear sir, Just based on the clinical signs described here in the mail may not be sufficient to describe about any diseases and moreover, the FMD clinical signs are also like this. Prognosis can be made by seeing the clinical signs and accordingly the name of the disease can be presumed to FMD or else any other diseases. Many causative factors, predisposing factors and sources such as other virus ...
Article published the October 25, 2010
ABSTRACT Random sampling of milk, sera and synovial fluid from 100 cattle in a farm with a history of retained placenta, abortion and arthritis and hygroma was investigated. All milk and sera samples were subjected to various Brucellosis diagnostic tests. Culture study was carried out with aspirated synovial fluid and the culture growth was examined. Further, intense study of the farm animals rev ...
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Article published the July 22, 2008
A cross bred Jersey cow of around four years of age from Manjakuppam, Cuddalore district, died suddenly with no observable clinical signs. All organs, on post-mortem examination, excepting rumen, mesentery and rectal wall were found in normal condition. In particular, rumen was found with hundreds of adult paramphistomes and erosive patchy hemorrhagic lesion on its interior wall. The farmers histo ...
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Discussion created on April 7, 2008
Authors: Sathiyabama Kannan Assistant Professor and Head,Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, Cuddalore,(TANUVAS) and Murali Manohar Director, Centre for Animal Health Studies Madhavaram Milk Colony, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, (TANUVAS), Chennai-51 History: A quail farm with a popualtion of 10,000 Japanese quails in Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu reporte ...
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Dear Sir, A student Mr. Syedkaleemuhassan raised a question that, could the vaccinated birds act as a carrier or/not, and if do so should we not use the vaccination strategy or can. With regarding on this I would say that while preparing the vaccine some ingredients such as virus/bacteria that would be the source of antigen, adjuvant to enhance the immunity and to produce a depo at the site of vac ...
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Dear Sir, Of course it is interesting to use the Video Imaging analysis to watch the breakage of eggs thereby to scrutinize the reduction due to breakages and losses happening in the hens house; however, whilst comparing the cost of eggs with the cost involved in this analysis is it viable to keep continuing with that mechanism or not? If not suitable it may not be feasible to be used in the mediu ...
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