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Participation in Forum on January 3, 2014
Dairy cows feeding need if possible need to be analyized what level of DAA, ME Ca:P ratio and other minerals or vitamins, what is the ratio and quality of drinking water against feed and bodyweight, a lots of reading materials available. Well the genetic potential of the breed is also important, although it is HF doesnot gurantee the milk yield, look at the body compotation. Thanks
Participation in Forum on November 14, 2012
Thanks for the info but isn't it sex determined by the chromosme?, how does temperature alter the chromosme?.Villigers says they can determiner the chicks sex by looking at the egg shape, a round egg is female and elongated is male but sciencitificaly never been proofed. Thanks
Participation in Forum on June 27, 2011
Dear All, Very good discussion, well for cocci I think the most important is the farm management /litter management. Good judgment and diagnosis is very important, using anticocci in rotation, say change in every three months and correct dosage is very critical. Using anticoccidal in feed is a good option to control outbreak but must use feed grade or otherwise useless. Using acidifier is also a ...
Participation in Forum on April 26, 2011
Very good articles and very informative about Zearalenone Toxicity in Reduced Swine
Participation in Forum on February 21, 2011
Very informative, phytase is prooven to be very in the broiler chicken industry
Participation in Forum on December 1, 2010
Hello, Housing dairy cattle of different breed in one house is not a problem just make sure each cows are docile and not aggressive, but it is best you to seggrate according to sex and ages. Proper recording is needed.
Participation in Forum on November 4, 2010
A very good information for feedmillers managers, may be conditioners (starch) and raw materials such as corn make a huge difference on the PDI.
Participation in Forum on October 4, 2010
Dear Sir Feeding moldy feed to chicken is not right but if you are facing some economic reason, please do analyse the type of mold or toxins presents so to take some actions like to add in antimold or toxin binders in it, there are a lot of anti mold and binders in the market you can choose. Although these might not be totaly effective but maybe you can see results. Please bare in mind that using ...
Participation in Forum on September 9, 2010
Thank you, a very good discussion,no doubt zeolite podwer is not a good toxin binder due to its molucular structure in a gut pH however they do bind some 10[percent] or even less but it can be a good cosmetic for the treatment for wet feces or diarrhea for its ablities to absorb and retain excess water or fluids.
Participation in Forum on January 26, 2010
Dear Mr. I do agree with Syed Reza, to formulate a feedis not an easy task, but first you need to study your farm environmental condition the variation of temperature from day to day, the energy and macro and micro nutrient in the feed must be in correct propotion or otherwise the feed itself will stress the animal, but the best is to consult a nutritionist in your area.
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