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Please suggest me the appropriate body weight and age of the calves, which is best suited for fattening purpose. Also tell me the Break Even Point for this business. Dr Usama Tayyab Lahore

Dr Usama Tayyab
Veterinary Doctor
Muraleedharan Nair
B,V.Sc and A.H, PCTA
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
05/07/2011 |

Dear Dr,

Good article about Calves Fattening Farm. There are seperate strategies for veal calf production and fattening for beef production. If you are intending for veal calf you have to take care from day1 itself. If you are for beef production also you have to have the care from day1 and further from 3rd month. Choosing of body weight depends on the breed you are selecting.

Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
05/07/2011 | Dear Dr,

The best way of your calculations is through the Average daily gain in body weightADG that can be of grams, first strat weighing atleast on ce in a fortnight, and then slowly repeat the protocol as once in a month. that shall be set in as a benchmark to evaluate or reevaluate your protocols, nutrition, care, supplements etc.,

Best tip is to start as quick as possible the concentarte feed but in a modified form.


Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
05/07/2011 | Dear, Dr.
about the best weight to start beef fattening " from 250 Kg-300 Kg" and you need to formulate ration containing 14% CP and change amount every 2weeks according to live weight.
Best wishes
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
05/07/2011 | I think the best weight to start fattening calves is 150-250 Kg at age of from 6-8 monthes
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
05/07/2011 | HI Dr. usama I worked this field , in my personal experience I see that the weight for the beginning of fattening is 100 kg and the age of 6-8 months, because the feed efficiency ratio is increase with age and weight
Dr Usama Tayyab
Veterinary Doctor
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
06/07/2011 | Dear,Thowyba Hashem Mohammed
It seems more profitable business if we fatten the animal at 100 kg body weight.
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
08/07/2011 | 9---13 months age and 60----80kg weight
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
15/07/2011 | Dear Osama!!

Keep an eye on rate of calf when you are gonna buy! it would be much more efficient if you buy an animal having a ADG of >1Kg. its when calve is 6-8 month old. so you need to buy calves around 7 months having avg weight of 100 kg. these will pick rapid weight gain if you balance your diet and this will drop when weight reaches 180 Kg and drops further till 280kg. so buy at early get for better FCR. in later stage just add fat on so that you get more rate on live weight
Badr Alfadil
Veterinary Doctor
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
19/07/2011 | It is clear that the 6-8 month is suitable age. However, the GIT health is also to be considered to make sure that you are gonna achieve the ADG. Also ration formulation with best cheap available components is important to minimize cost.
Hafiz Muhammad Aatif
Doctor of Veterinary Sciences
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
21/07/2011 | Always try to buy calves between age of 6-8 months because it is the age when maximum growth can be achieved through proper and balanced nutrition
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
24/07/2011 |

Dear all: 

As conultant and expert, I think that to select animals for fattening you should have two things in mind:

1- what are your market targets/demands? Market needs fatty animals or lean meat animals
2- What breeds you have got to work?

The 1st point is self-explanatory. If you are going to export towards East (Korea ets), you will need fatty animal (with fat) as market needs animals with fat for marbling (intra muscular and inter muscular fat). So the feeding plan and selection of animals will become different. But when your market is western countries then you will go for lean meat animals and with different managemental strategies.

2- The weight and age of animals largely depends on breeds of animals like early maturing breeds and late maturing breeds. The selection criteria for the both breeds will be different.
The break even point will depend on your feeding cost, growth rate and economic point of influx.

It is an huge topic and needs lot of information that are difficult to share on net.

Syed Hassan Raza

Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
26/07/2011 | I agreed with the recmendation syed hassan raza.we farm animals only for money,we should to be fix on point.Don't do hit and trial
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
28/07/2011 | Done many trials with sahiwals and cholistani calfs.Did not get wt.gain of one kg.per day. Too much variation in our seasons and our breeds are not for beef. Crossbreds will give you approx. 1kg.per day,that too in winter and spring. I suggest you buy grown up healthy animals and fatten them,you will get better results.Make sure wt.gain per day is [value wise] more than your cost.That is your feasibility.Pls dont listen to our so called experts,you will only loose money.
Muhammad Iqbal Sabir
Animal Nutritionist
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
19/10/2011 |

1) Selection of Meat Breed & particular individual animal.
2) Stress free environment play pivotal role
3) Least cost balanced feed formulation (More then 70 % of the total cost of production )
4) Age should be more then 6 months and not more then 1 year (Yes)
5) Body wt at 100kg may give better weight gain(Yes)
6) In Present circumstances we can hardly get 800 gm daily wt gain which is quite less
7) Vaccination & De worming have Vital impact on the wt gain
8) Farming is not only profession, it is passion
9) Effective & efficient market
10) Quality conscious end consumers hunting

• Suppose we select 100 kg animal of more than 6 months @ Rs 250/ kg which will cost 25000
• Duration of fattening is 4 months
• Cost of production is suppose 5000 /month (4x 5000=20000)
• Now total animal vale is (25000+20000=45000)
• Fatten total B.wt will be ( 100+96=196)
• Now animal value will be 49000
• Net incremental value is (49000-45000)=4000 per animal or Rs 1000 per month per animal

Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
25/10/2011 | age 9- 13 month weight 50-75kg
Ali Husnain
Veterinary Doctor
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
19/01/2012 | I am agree with the coments and guidance of Muhammad Iqbal Sabir
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
19/01/2012 | please discuss the success factors in fattening farming, is it feasible to practice mixed I mean dairy & Fattening farming please.
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
19/01/2012 | can any one guide me what kind of feed should be given for wait gain in Buffaloes for meet production
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
18/10/2012 | Buying calves at the cost of Rs 250 per KG seems exorbitant and the end result is less profitability, project not cost effective. Expert must clarify and highlight factual position.
Ahmad Ali Bodla
Account Executive
Re: Forum: Economics of Calf Fattening Farms
30/10/2012 | SALAM TO ALL
i want to make calves fattering farm in punjab pakistan i know about mix breed and weight about calves
can any one answer me about companies who buy calves meat on farm
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