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Participation in Forum on August 9, 2015
salpingitis & the infection of the oviduct by any pathogens like E.coli will also leads to prolapse
Participation in Forum on March 8, 2015
Bio security is the back bone of modern poultry business. To control all diseases including AI you should concentrate on Bio Security and isolating your farm from the surroundings and other control the movement to and fro.workers should not intermix with neighbors. after that you think in vaccination and other tools.The low pathogenic AI alone under normal healthy flock is not a big issu ...
Participation in Forum on January 27, 2015
thank you for this article on exhaust fans with butterfly shutters. it is really valuable.
Participation in Forum on December 20, 2014
worms are also should be considered. dissect the dead birds if any!
Participation in Forum on March 18, 2014
Dear Mr. Joly,I have seen same practice few years ago in Saudi Arabia. One layer farm with manure dryer, they add around 5% of heat-dried manure to the layer rations with no noticeable problems. I found some figures as analysis of such kind of caged layer manure as follow:Nitrogen % 4.9- 7.5 Ammonium Nitrogen mg/kg 91 -17780 Nitrate-N mg/kg <200 Phosphorus % 2.1- 3.1 Potassium % 1.6- 1.8 Calciu ...
Participation in Forum on November 28, 2012
Is practical to add blocks of ice to the main water tank during the peak of hot hours ?
Participation in Forum on April 21, 2012
Thank you Mr. Pintado for this interesting article about genotype by environment interaction for selection of laying hens, yes the genotype by environment (G x E) is very important especially if we have considered the very quick global climatic changes due to Global warming.we have noticed a very good tolerence of Lohmann commercial layer LSL and good performance in our ME area with harsh climatic ...
Participation in Forum on April 15, 2012
in adition to all above, also mentaining the correct light intensity will help to resolve the problem.
Participation in Forum on February 16, 2012
Dear dr.Dahal  thank u for this contribution about Reuse of Old Poultry Litter Published on: 02/15/2012 please give the chmical compostion of the suggested conditioner, dose and some practical aspects of its application in the broiler/layer house.
Participation in Forum on December 13, 2011
Thank u for this interesting artcle about the Effect of Dietary Sodium Diformate on the Growth Performance of Male Nile Tilapia; but why only male Tilabia has been used, also is there any effect of NDF on fertility of males?
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