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genotype by environment interaction

Considering genotype by environment interaction for selection of laying hens

Published: October 21, 2011
Introduction The primary poultry breeding industry is under a continuously concentration process and nowadays there are only a few breeding companies which supply the world market. With the world­wide distribution of stocks, the major poultry breeders have to breed commercial layers that perform adequately in a wide variety of systems, ranging from large-intensive cage units to free- ran...
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David Cavero Pintado
H&N International
Matthias Schmutz
Lohmann Breeders
Wiebke Icken
Lohmann Breeders
Badr Alfadil
21 de abril de 2012

Thank you Mr. Pintado for this interesting article about genotype by environment interaction for selection of laying hens, yes the genotype by environment (G x E) is very important especially if we have considered the very quick global climatic changes due to Global warming.we have noticed a very good tolerence of Lohmann commercial layer LSL and good performance in our ME area with harsh climatic conditions during the past 10 years, and this is definately related to the efforts of Lohmann breeding and selection.

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