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Participation in Forum on November 28, 2014
In India it is mostly COBB 400 and in some cases of ROSS and Hubbard.
Participation in Forum on August 15, 2012
Excellent article giving an insight of Livestock in Pakistan and how it plays important role in upliftment of economy. Would be glad to hear the role of Pakistan dairy development board work in this sector.
Participation in Forum on February 24, 2012
You can go for good Toxinbinder like Toxidex of Veto quinol and can give Sorbitol base liver tonic not Herbal in this case.And as right said by Dr Ansari restricted feeding.
Participation in Forum on February 23, 2012
May be because of Toxins or high dense Feeds can you switch over to Gumboro Plain but to be given again a repetation.
Participation in Forum on February 16, 2012
Dear Dr Badr  Interesting article about Reuse of Old Poultry LitterPublished on: 02/15/2012 Can you please send your mail id I think I can recommend the right product for u please give your telephone no of contact. Partha
Participation in Forum on February 15, 2012
Dear Dr Dahal Good article about Reuse of Old Poultry Litter and tried to highlight a very good point and equally appreciable regularly getting feed back from Nepal cudos to you ,Litter can be treated with Calcium Propionate and other Lignites and silicates and can be reused as suggested ,it is wise to have the old litter to develop the natural immunity against many organism and litter is a good ...
Participation in Forum on June 9, 2010
Good idea but the photos of the shed has to be given to make it practical I would request to send a photo of the shed with all the specifications of the construction .
Participation in Forum on May 21, 2010
Dear Dr Imran I have been to Pakistan feed industry many times but unfortunately you are right the ME levels are very low ,here you can add on top other than nothing can be done .Also the temp which is given in the processing is very high this destroys the proteins and Vitamins and other enzymes also however any body claims it is heat stable some activity is lost. Hence the result is poor FCR .You ...
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