Muraleedharan Nair
B,V.Sc and A.H, PCTA
Served as veterinary Professional in Kerala from 1981 to 2009. Designed and managed Hi-Tech dairy farms in Saudi Arabia and India. Presently managing consultancy service in Hi-tech dairy farming.
B,V.Sc and A.H, PCTA
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A tie stall cattle shed with ease of operations
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It is high time to introduce such controls over the industry. It is my opinion that regulations of such kind should be extented to agricultural products as in case of milk and meat.
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The first thing is to avoid excessive feeding of grains unnecessarily. In extreme emergency conditions you have to administer Ringer lactae solution i/v, provided the the functioning of liver is OK. You have to add probiotics along with feed, if you have the chances of exceesive feeding. Also, you can give buffering agents such as monosodium phosphate. Avoid mixing of animals with different sizes ...
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congratulations, we were searching for such a facility. Pl try to provide the list of items available and try to stock the inventories required for a large dairy farm, like detergents for CIP in parlour, spare parts of milking equipments, disposable etc etc.
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Dear Dr, Good article about Calves Fattening Farm. There are seperate strategies for veal calf production and fattening for beef production. If you are intending for veal calf you have to take care from day1 itself. If you are for beef production also you have to have the care from day1 and further from 3rd month. Choosing of body weight depends on the breed you are selecting.
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Dear Dr, I have read about your points in the article and and further discussions. I am working as Farm Manger in a large automated dairy farm in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Our targeted capacity is 5000 milking cattle and the present strength is 600. In the conditions stated by Dr. Kunjumon a farm like ours can take up the challenges as described in the article and discussions. Actually, we are on th ...
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What about the cost involved and mechanism of action. It may also be known whether other additives can be used along with this one.
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