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Store vaccines at ideal temperature: 5°C refrigerated vaccines. Different single-components of combination vaccines should never be mixed in the same syringe by an end-user unless specifically licensed for such use. Single-dose vials and manufacturer-filled syringes are designed for single-dose administration and should be discarded if vaccine has been withdrawn or reconstituted and subsequent ...
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Dear All, Personally I am in favor of using Golden DDGS, both in Dairy and Poultry. Here in Pakistan best ingredient to be a part of our feed formulation Gov't of Pakistan can offer subsidiary to farmers, feed mills and also can exempt duties and Taxes to get more Quality Milk Meat and eggs with higher protein and fat contents free from toxins.Special emphases should be given for efficient, econom ...
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Fernando Díaz (Rosecrans Dairy Consulting, LLC) spoke on high-protein DDGS, evaluation and milk fat depression, among other subjects, during the 22nd Annual Distillers Grains Symposium in Des Moines, Iowa.
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Sir,pl, if possible explain the complete procedure with pictures & diagrams particularity the cutting of semen straw & its insertion in to AI gun, along with Pregnancy Diagnoses Thanks, Regards M IQBAL SABIR
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Guar Meal is well known name as we commonly use in Poultry feed, but Guar Korma is new name, Further It is a thumb rule for animal nutrition that we must avoid abrupt change in feeding regimen even when we change concentrate of same ingredients from an other feed mill, it should be divided in to 14 doses and we may add increase one part daily to completely shift to new concentrate after 2 week, si ...
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I really very much impressed with all sorts of calculations and EFFICIENT DAIRY COW SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. It is cost saving, labor saving, under best management practices. It favors Health Safety & Hygiene Management according to Global GAP Certification, This design will help to improve Environment,Bio gas production & will check ammonia,& green house impact of dairy farm. Pl ...
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It is good effort to make the Dairy Herd Managers to give due attention to most neglected factor ply pivotal role to make dairy farming activity viable & economical. Keeping in view deep observation of each animal during early and late night not only help heat detection but can also useful for over all health improvement of the herd , If dairy herd managers chalked out some breeding calendar s ...
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1) Selection of Meat Breed & particular individual animal. 2) Stress free environment play pivotal role 3) Least cost balanced feed formulation (More then 70 % of the total cost of production ) 4) Age should be more then 6 months and not more then 1 year (Yes) 5) Body wt at 100kg may give better weight gain(Yes) 6) In Present circumstances we can hardly get 800 gm daily wt gain which is quit ...
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