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Beautiful article.... easy to understand
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Dear All, I have one thing to ask: Is there any possible solution present to cure fibrosis in teat?Please share your expert opinion.
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Nowadays in Pakistan Dairy is progressing and greater milk yield is being obtained from dairy animals. However, this high milk yield adds great stress to dairy animals especially in pre-parturient and post-parturient period, as a result more and more cases of Downer cows are being reported. These cases are due to: 1. Blood Parasites 2. Fasciolosis 3. Improper feeding management 4. Low Body conditi ...
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Dear Sir Jasmer, Could this citrate therapy help in reversal of fibrosis in teat canal?Can u suggest therapy for advanced cases/chronic cases and also for fibrosis? Regards Ghazanfar Chishti
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Forage: concentrate ratio is also an important factor. If more forage more propionic acid and hence increased fat. Also lactic acidosis do affect fat percentage
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