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vaccination against Influenza viruses in chicken

Forum: Prevalence of Avian Influenza and its Economic Impact

Published: April 17, 2013
By: Dr Muhammad Ayaz

I would like to open this topic to every fellow to comment and suggest improvement in evaluating economic loss inflicted by different HPAI types. Pakistan is one of the country adapting strain specific vaccination against Influenza viruses in chicken production operations. Moreover role of migrating birds is also due to be discussed in detail. I am here to share experience of Pakistan. I would request to open a specific portal for influenza to share the news in different countries and would like to called upon the pratices of colleagues like experience of culling and disposal of HPAI specially with sparce facilities.

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Dr Muhammad Ayaz
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Sajid Hasni
10 de enero de 2017
Dr Sb, what is recent prevalence of AI generally and specifically H9 in Pakistan?
Anil Phadke
13 de enero de 2017
Does AI vaccines are legalized in Pakistan. Which company vaccines & strain are available ?
Sajid Hasni
13 de enero de 2017

Yes they are.
We have even controlled high path out break in past with culling and vaccination. Other than foreign vaccines, few local companies are also producing vaccines like Big Bird poultry breeders.

Sajid Hasni
13 de enero de 2017
against H9, H5 and H7
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