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Application of herbs and phytogenic feed additives in poultry production-A Review

Published: July 3, 2014
INTRODUCTION The industrialization of poultry husbandry and the improvement of feed nutritional efficiency have accelerated the introduction of feed additives which became widely used in animal feed for many decades. The objective outlined by scientists, is to increase production (eggs, meat) while maintaining animals in good health. The use of antibiotics in poultry feed as a growth promote...
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Nadir Alloui
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Jim Currie
8 de julio de 2014
Very interesting . We are producing Carvacrol by conversion of d-limonene via L- Carvone. The Carvacrol produced is 99.6% and would be very effective as a FPA. The costs compared with extracting Oregano oil is significantly lower by more than 50% cost reduction . Happy to supply more details abnd samples for any research and trials Regards
Juan A. Javierre. DVM-PDO-MBA
Shenzhen Leveking Technology
8 de julio de 2014
You may wish checking a very recent paper published in Poultry Science, Poult. Sci., (2014) 93:132-137 on the effect of essential oils and plant extracts on broiler production. Regards
Jim Currie
8 de julio de 2014
Yes I see the paper. I wonder why everyone is looking for the active from Natural Oils which can be very expensive. Our process derived from orange oil gives a big cost advantage.
Dr. Veeranna.s
9 de julio de 2014
Very informative. We are also manufacturing herbal products in the brand "KALPATARU " it is a poly herbal premix would be very effective as a feed additives. Regards
Alloui Nadir
9 de julio de 2014

Thank you for comments and information. it is the green revolution even in the animal industry!

Juan A. Javierre. DVM-PDO-MBA
Shenzhen Leveking Technology
9 de julio de 2014
Thre is an interesting review on the topic of antoibiotic replacement, albeit in swine: Tacker P. A. (2013). Alternatives to antibiotics as growth promoters for use in swine production: a review. Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology, 4:35 (open access). I cite his conclusion verbatim: "Clearly, a long and growing list of compounds exist which have been tested for their ability to replace antibiotics as feed additives to maintain swine health and performance. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these compounds produce inconsistent results and rarely equal antibiotics in their effectiveness. Therefore, it would appear that research is still needed in this area and that the perfect alternative does not exist as yet." I fully agree with him. Best regards
Alloui Nadir
9 de julio de 2014

Dear Juan

Thank you for the information. There is a very good book intitled: Phytogenics in animal nutrition edited by Tobias Steiner ( Nottingham University Press). All work on the influence of phytogenics on animals are described. I recommend.

Thank you and best regards

Erdinc Ikizoglu
10 de julio de 2014
I have unpublished research about the utilization of Olive oil mill wastewater as PFA. Olive oil mill wastewater is vegetation water of olive and includes phenolics such as tyrosole and hydroxytyrosole (antibacterial and antioxidant) and also organic acids, fatty acids, saccarides. I would like to commercialise this research.
Georges Tenny Ngu
Bea Poultry Farmers (BUPOFAI COOP. – BOD)
25 de noviembre de 2019

PFA's gaining interest all the way. Are we heading for an antibiotic free poultry production? Interesting and very enriching article. I am working on using plant leaf meals to reduce cost of feeding and then supplement the leaf diets with PFA's to see if there will be any added effects.

satish hudekar
5 de diciembre de 2019
How to get book pyotogenics in animal nutrition by tobias steiner nottiingham university press.
Ajayi Olukayode
5 de diciembre de 2019
satish hudekar good day, What's the cost Ajayi Olukayode
Mihira Pandamaneti
7 de diciembre de 2019
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