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Miguel A Pérez I have got TR2018/06428 patent about the valorization of polyphenols from olive mill wastewater. These polyphenols adsorbed in zeolite minerals can be used as feed additive instead of antibiotic growth promoters.
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we have developed zeolite powder product including phenolics, sugars and organic acids extracted from olive oil mill wastewater. It has antimicrobial and growth promoting properties.
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I have unpublished research about the utilization of Olive oil mill wastewater as PFA. Olive oil mill wastewater is vegetation water of olive and includes phenolics such as tyrosole and hydroxytyrosole (antibacterial and antioxidant) and also organic acids, fatty acids, saccarides. I would like to commercialise this research.
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We have precipated olive pulp in olive vegetation water with natural minerals such as zeolite and then dried. Antibacterial dilution test (E. Coli) has been applied with the obtained powder. Total bacterial count has been decreased from 10E6 to 10E2 within 15 minutes. The obtained powder includes about 15% organics, as 3% phenolics and 5% saccharides. Is it possible to use it as alternative to an ...
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