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Winning skills in poultry workers managememt .prevemts egg breakages, feed wastage, ups killing, situational leadership, getting the job done, availability and visibility on the spot, managers to lead, and leaders to succeed, be serious on critical topics. Etc. A training for farm improvement . Mentor courses conducted by Dr Kas Naidu. Master Trainer. BVSc and AH, PG, MBA( USA) winning skills f ...
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It is possible to avoid antibiotics by creating Host Nutrion. Dr KAS Naidu, India. Bangalore
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For Mr Ugochukwu's question the apt answer is go for Nutrition based health by using the Innovad Novyrate EB and he can reduce the bacterial pile up in the duodinum by increasing the gut integrity and facilitating the conversation of corbohadrates into butyric acid through butyric fermentation in the gut and justifying the antibiotic free farming with stakes on welfare of human beings thus ...
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